Beyond Christian Grey :: Great Summer Book Boyfriends for 2015


beyond christian grey great summer book boyfriends

I’m a writer and professor and admittedly a teeny bit of a book worm. At the beginning of every summer, I put binge-reading on my list of summer activities right up there with hanging out at the beach and bike riding.

And, like most bookworms, I know all about literary hunks. Go ahead, slaughter me Fifty Shades fans, but Christian Grey is so overrated and very 2014. He pales in comparison to other literary hunks like Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre or Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. So if you’re as tired as I am of Christian Grey, here are some new summer book boyfriends.

1. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

‘Nuf said.

Ok, not enough. There can never be enough said about Mr. Darcy. He wears cravats. He owns Netherfield, and he likes smart, witty women. And he’s just the most adorable and protective older brother to his sister, Georgiana. Did I mention that he wears cravats? (P.S. if you’re really into Jane Austen men, PBS has a great info sheet. Check it out here.)

2. Rochester from Jane Eyre

Alright … he’s not without his baggage. He has the insane wife. There’s that illegitimate daughter that he thinks might be his. He’s pretty rude. But he wears cravats. He’s broody, and like Darcy, he likes smart women — choosing Jane over the money-hungry beauty, Blanche Ingram.

3. Haden from Falling Under


When it comes to paranormal young adult literature, everyone swoons over Edward Cullen. But through Falling Under, Gwen Hayes spins a dark, Gothic story about an overprotected, likable British girl, Theia, who falls for a half-demon boy. Only problem: he lives in Hell, and he’s got a really mean mother. Well-written, great world building, and very hunky paranormal bad-boy.

4. Jacob from Water for Elephants


Heartbroken after his parents die, veterinary student, Jacob Jankowski, leaps onto a circus train to begin a new life. Amid the extreme corruption and poverty of the Depression era, Jacob maintains integrity and cares for animals in a world where they are viewed mostly as commodities. It’s also a compelling love story.

5. Arthur Howland from The Quick

the quick

Lauren Owen’s debut novel features an underground world of vampires in Victorian era London. Charlotte Norbury is the true hero of this story, endangering her own life to find her brother when he disappears into the mysterious Aegolius Club. However, I did take note of her very sexy American sidekick, Arthur Howland. Together they infiltrate London’s worst societies and seek out criminals including dangerous gentleman vampires and pickpocket child vampires all to find her brother, James. Arthur is brave, loyal, and we understand why Charlotte falls deeply in love with him by the end of the book.

So there you have it … 5 literary hunks that put Christian Grey to shame. What books with swoon-worthy males would you add to the list?

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