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I am a children’s librarian. Ninety percent of the books I read are for little people under the age of 16 (who do not belong to me). Almost four years ago now, life changed and I have a little person of my own. Still reading all of those children’s books for other people’s kids (and my own too, of course), BUT I am finding more and more that I need to make sure I get some reading in for myself.

I am one of those people who enjoys a good self-help book from time to time and I currently find myself reading books about parenting, mom life, and toddler wrangling. Every now and then I come across a book I think all moms need. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight is one of those books. 

Book Cover
Book cover on a table of toddler things that I do not give a f*&! about cleaning up.

I first heard about this book from someone I work with. He mentioned he was buying a copy for everyone in his family for Christmas. He wanted them all to read it and discuss it. I thought a book that someone wanted their entire family to read must be important, so I purchased it for myself for Christmas. IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

Since becoming a mom, I find myself (and my mom friends) caring way more about what other people think about what I do with my own kid than I probably should. Starting from DAY 1 with whether or not I am vaccinating or breastfeeding or allowing screen-time or working or staying home. Continuing to DAY 1,000 with how many chicken nuggets I allow my child to eat or how many cookies she gets each week, if she’s going to school yet, where she’s going to school, what her future plans are.


What I have learned in my almost four years as a mom is that people have opinions (which is fine, but they want to share them) and care about everything a mom does with her child. I NEEDED THIS BOOK and you probably do too.

It is a parody of Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Even though it is supposed to be poking fun at Kondo’s book, it has its own important message to share, which is basically – what others think of you does not nor should not matter or really be of interest of you. It is not a parenting book, but a book that parents need to read. 

Knight tells it like it is. She lists different situations (work, family, friends) and offers ways to simply not care so much about what other people think. The book is practical, funny, and was a much needed read for this mom. I give it two thumbs up – and, I really don’t care if you enjoy it or not, but I hope you read it. 

Purchase from an independent bookseller, if you can! If not, Amazon. Also, check out the book’s website (it’s part of a series!). And, Sarah Knight’s TEDx Talk.

P.S. – I do care if you enjoy it, because I am a librarian and I care about these things. Happy reading! 

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Valerie Byrd Fort was born in Florida, but when she was four years old, her family moved to the midlands and never looked back. She is mom to Katy (human) and to Lucky, Mozzy, and Penny (rescue dogs). She is married to Marty Fort, owner of the Lexington School of Music, Columbia Arts Academy, and Irmo Music Academy. She is an Instructor for the School of Library & Information Science at the University of South Carolina, where she teaches Children’s Literature to future classroom teachers and librarians. She is also Coordinator for Cocky's Reading Express, the University of South Carolina's literacy outreach program. Valerie is passionate about books, literacy, libraries, and reading aloud with children of ALL ages. She writes about books and other literacy related topics on her blog, Library Goddess. In her free time, Valerie enjoys reading, Barre3, going to Target and endless scrolling of social media  


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