Celebrating Grandparents Day is Even Sweeter This Year

Here are some ideas for celebrating Grandparent's Day, and why it's worth your time.


Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 13. While this is not generally met with much enthusiasm by the general public, it is in our household.

I lost both of my grandfathers before I could remember, to various illnesses. Before my paternal grandmother passed early as well, I learned that she didn’t care much for family beyond the superficial illusion it provided. (I may have been the exception.) Yet, I never thought much about any of that as my maternal grandmother was one of the most influential people of my life.

Think of the person who taught you most of your values. The person who helped you to understand the meaning of family. The meaning of being a woman and mother. The person who taught you how to treat others, and most importantly, yourself. It struck me this year on my birthday that I have now been without my grandmother in my life for longer than I had her.

That brings me to the point of Grandparent’s Day. Life has already given grandchildren so little time with their grandparents. This day reminds us to make the most of that time. As we all realize at some point, when time is short, it is all the more precious. 

My children are lucky enough to have the opportunity to know four of the most interesting, generous, and loving people of their lifetimes. In fact, that is why we all live in South Carolina. My husband and I wanted to give our kids everything, so we gave them grandmas and grandpas too. 


A grandparent is a gift of knowledge. An unrelenting source of love. Maybe your “grandparents” are actually aunts or godparents. Nevertheless, they are the older generation person who truly loves you and your kids. They are the Fred and Ethel Mertz to your little Ricky Ricardo.


As with any holiday, Grandparents Day can be as elaborate in celebration as you choose. I only encourage you to take the time to appreciate that relationship.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Grandparents Day with your family:

  • Make a handmade card, dinner, or treat. Browse through Pinterest as long as you like, but remember simple and from the heart is usually best.
  • Plan a date to spend time together. I realize this is tricky right now. Perhaps a camping trip or outdoor picnic would be in your comfort level. You can make an appointment to visit the Riverbanks Zoo with minimal crowds, and still remain outdoors. Just don’t let this turn into a babysitting gig.
  • Zoom it up! This is such a great option for those who are separated by too many miles. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.
  • Call them! OK, I hear you; you’re broke. Aren’t we all these days? So just pick up the phone to wish them a good day. Let them hear those sweet little voices say, “I love you.”

How do you celebrate Grandparents Day?

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Valerie McGee
Valerie was born in 1985, which means she identifies with both Gen X-er's and Millennial's depending on the time of day. She grew up on Florida's treasure coast, and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in History and Literature. This is where her love for reading and writing blossomed. After working many years in Retail throughout the east coast as both a manager and district trainer, she and her husband, Rick, moved to northeast Columbia. There she took the opportunity to become a SAHM. Valerie has both a smarty-pants little girl, Mary Sue, and an overly mischievous baby boy, Connor. In her spare evenings she is a local Girl Scout Co-Leader for younger girls. Her interests also include expanding her talents in the kitchen, as shown by her participation in a local Baking Club and a general obsession with all things Food Network.


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