Why I Chose to Make My Children’s Baby Food


Why I Chose to Make My Children's Baby Food-Columbia SC Moms Blog

I often am asked why I make my children’s baby food. My response is simple. It’s cost effective, healthier, and tastier than anything you can buy in a jar!

I’ve been making my children’s baby food since we had our oldest daughter Corinne in 2010. I remember learning about the option in my Centering Class, and since I was a stay-at-home mom, I had the time to commit.

However, now that our family has expanded, as well as our commitments, it has not been a challenge to keep it up for my 10 month old. Here are the main three reasons I’ve kept it up.

Making Your Child’s Food is Cost Effective

As a first time mom, everything I bought came from Babies R Us and Target. I wasted so much money on items that may have gotten used one time but I didn’t know any better (and Amazon Prime did not exists in 2010).

If you look at the prices for organic baby food, on average you are going to spend $2.00 per single jar/pouch. However, making your baby food doesn’t cost you anything extra. It’s as simple as taking your fresh/frozen produce, steaming it if need be, and tossing it in the food processor — which will take all of 15 minutes max.

No extra meal purchases or meal planning involved. This was extra from our family's dinner which I was able to easily create into a homemade baby food for my infant son.
No extra meal purchases or meal planning involved. This was part of our family’s dinner, which I was able to easily create into homemade baby food for my infant son.

It’s Healthier

Have you noticed how low in calories some of the jarred/pouched baby food is? Or the amount of sodium they contain? Or taken a look at all the processed ingredients included (you know, the ones you can’t pronounce)?

I’m definitely not a nutritionist, but I know that fresh is always best. By making my own baby food, I also get to decide and know exactly what my children are eating. Some of the ingredients on the back of a jar, I have no clue of where it came from, and momma’s homemade cooking is always better than something that sits on a shelf for years.

Making your little one’s food is also better for their digestive system. I also believe it’s one of the reasons why my children enjoy eating healthy, lack digestive problems, and have no food allergies.

It’s Simpler

As I stated before, making baby food takes 15 minutes max. I use the Baby Bullet Food Processor because I like all the accessories that come along with it and there are several options to choose from. I also like that they have a recipe book for each stage which makes it so much easier to create meals and know what’s appropriate for your little one. In addition, I believe that by making my children’s baby food, it has supported their transition onto table food.

You don't have to have fancy equipment to make babyfood. Steamed veggies and a blender will do.
You don’t have to have fancy equipment to make babyfood. Steamed veggies and a blender will do.

Worried about making too much? Don’t be. You can also freeze the food you prepare if you ever make more than enough. Baby Bullet and other companies make easy to freeze trays that allow you to portion out upcoming meals for your babe. Just move them from freezer to fridge the night before and viola! You have a fresh, homemade meals ready for your child the next day.

Step-by-Step Instructions and Easy Recipes

Thinking of trying it on your own? It really is easy, and regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you can find time to fit it in your schedule without being a burden. Here are step-by-step instructions to get you started, as well as some recipes to try out your baby will love!

Have you tried making your baby’s food? What was your experience? Got a favorite recipe? Please share!

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