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I was born and raised in Western NY, and am as Italian as they come. In Rochester, where I grew up, there is a HUGE Italian community. There are plenty of Italian specialty stores, bakeries, and delis. There’s even an Italian American community center. Living in Rochester really allowed me to enjoy and appreciate my Italian heritage all the more. 

When I moved to Columbia, I discovered there really isn’t much of an Italian community here. And, while I don’t miss the cold weather that comes with living in NY state, I do miss all of the Italian hot spots. So, imagine my delight when I recently discovered that there is an Italian delicatessen in Five Points! 

Enzo’s Delicatessen is a small deli located on Green Street. And while it may not be large in size, it makes up for that with what’s inside…

Artichoke Caprese

Enzo’s boasts a fantastic selection of Italian deli meats, cheese, house-made (from scratch!) vodka and marinara sauces, pasta, Italian drinks, desserts (cannoli, black/white cookies, and more!), and some amazing sandwiches. Everything they make is made from scratch, and their other items are specialty imports. 

On my trip to Enzo’s I tried the Artichoke Caprese sandwich. They put whole artichoke hearts into the sandwich, with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and arugula, all topped off with some balsamic vinegar. Mouthwateringly delicious! 

I also purchased some gnocchi, freshly made vodka sauce, and my favorite Italian sparkling drinks. It was like having a bit of NY right here in Columbia. 

On top of having some great Italian foods and imported items, Enzo’s also boasts a very friendly staff. I met the manager and two of their employees while I was there. They told me that the owner had noticed the lack of Italian stores in Columbia, and wanted to bring a bit of the Italian community here. And so, Enzo’s was born!

So, the next time you’re in Five Points, be sure to stop by for some amazing, freshly made sandwiches and Italian specialties! And, if you have a special event coming up, consider having Enzo’s cater your event. You won’t regret it!

You’ll find Enzo’s in Five Points, at 2002 Green Street. Be sure you also check out their Facebook page too! 


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