Dad, You Taught Me How


Dad, my memory has drastically faded as I have aged, but the things you taught me, and the love I have for you have not.

From the day I was born, you have been there to wipe my tears when I fall, to feed me when I am hungry, and to protect me from the monsters lurking in the dark.

You have spent your life challenging me to think outside the box, stay true to my beliefs, and always remember to trust myself first.

“I can’t do it” was never an acceptable excuse for anything that I wanted or needed to do. That important lesson you taught me has encouraged me and helped me become a strong and independent woman.

I will never forget when you taught me how to drive. You wanted to make sure I was ready for everything. “If you can drive a stick shift, you can drive anything.” That’s what you told me as you refused to let me drive an automatic before I could drive a manual. I struggled, and I cried every time I had to stop at the top of a hill and would roll right back down, but you stayed by my side with patience and understanding until I mastered it.

Punishment, as a child, never came without an explanation. Every terrible decision I made became knowledge gained through education and understanding that you made sure to provide. At the time, I always believed your lectures were part of my punishment, but now I know you were making sure I would grow from the experience by teaching me why it was wrong.

When I was little, you taught me how to wash my hair. I can still remember you telling me that when I can hear the strands of my hair squeak between my fingers as I rinse, that’s how I will know it’s clean.

You taught me how to fish, check the fluids in my car, and change a tire. You even taught me how to make the best sweet tea in the south (my personal opinion, of course). I was well prepared to handle myself if I ever broke down or needed nourishment.

You’ve always been there, cheering me on and lending a hand when needed. You worked hard and still do, but have never let work stand in the way of being the best father you could be for us. Now, you make it a point to be there for my children as you have always done for me. You haven’t missed even a single important event in our lives.

Dad, you are my rock. You are the one person in my life that I know, without a doubt, will be there to provide advice when I am lost, lend a hand when I am in need, be waiting by my side every time I wake up from surgery, and never be too busy for your grandchildren or me.

When life has knocked me down, you have always been there to remind me that I can stand back up on my own. Without you, I know I would not be in a good place now.

I’m not saying that life was always roses when I was young. Lord knows we butted heads all of the time. I have always been just as stubborn as you, after all! But I can’t imagine my life without having lived through those moments with you.

I could write all day long and never be able to list everything you’ve taught me and done for me, even though I truly wish I could. In the end, though, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today if I hadn’t had you in my life all of these years.

You are one of the best parts of me.

I love you, Dad, and I hope you have a very happy Father’s Day!

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Brooke is many things, but normal is not one of them! She’s a native of SC who was raised in Bamberg and has been living in Columbia since 2017. She’s a Mom of 3 amazing kids. Brooke and her husband Chris married in 2014. Together, they’ve become avid advocates for autism awareness in support of their son Will. Brooke holds a Masters in Information Technology and works as an IT Security Risk Analyst. In addition to her love for writing, Brooke also loves running, bow hunting, and tattoos. She’s a Christian who’s definitely not without flaw, a survivor, and an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. In her spare time she writes for her blog at and feeds her social media obsession on Facebook.


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