The Day the Chick-fil-A Went Broke


If you’re a young mommy or someone of child bearing years, then you have no doubt been made aware of the the facebook post by Jimmie Hall of Houston, TX.

NEW MOM MEAL – Jimmie Hall Facebook

That’s the one. Jimmie shared with a few friends this tidbit of good news.

Attention expecting moms. If u contact chic fil a close to ur due date or right after u have the baby they offer a new mom meal for FREE. It’s a small platter, 4 large fries or fruit, a gallon of lemonade or tea, and cookies. Pretty cool!!! So ladies, contact them when its time for this awesome deal! Tag any expecting mothers u know and share!

Thanks, Jimmie!

I bet she never knew how fast good news could travel.

I heard about this great deal via a share from a facebook friend in upstate South Carolina. His wife was pregnant already and they were excited. I think they’d just about picked out a date for little nugget night, but they were arguing over that gallon of lemonade. He wanted sweet tea and thought that downgrade would gain him an extra couple of cookies.

By afternoon, this post had been shared by a friend of mine in Canada, where I’m pretty sure there are no Chik-fil-A franchises yet. Still, the free meal was reason enough for her husband to consider giving in to her year long request that they try for just one more.

I’m acquainted with the franchisee at Chik-fil-A Ballentine and quickly messaged to ask if this was true.

We all know now that it is not corporate policy to give the new mom free meal. Jimmie posted a few hours later a correction that said that only some locations do it. We know by her post that at least two locations in Houston seem to offer it, though.

Don’t we want all the other ones to follow suit???

I can’t say that I do.

I’m done y’all. I’m too old. No babies for me. And I do not need my 10-year-old whining in my car every time I say not today to the Chick-fil-A request.

I can hear it now.

If only you’d have a baby then we could have the nugget meal. And cookies, too.

But really, there’s more.

How many babies are born every day in Chick-fil-A regions of the country? How far would folks drive to get the free meal? What sorts of documentation would people provide (or forge) to qualify…

Seriously, ladies.

If the Chick-fil-A did this, then theChick-fil-A just might go broke. Imagine the population boom that would ensue. I mean, you yourself have considered it just this very day. Hmmm, a new mom meal. I was kind of wanting another baby…

And we would not want that. We would not want the Chick-fil-A to be enslaved to this monstrosity of demand it created for itself. Just think what would happen if the Chick-fil-A went broke.

Gone would be the drive thru that provides both a kid and adult friendly meal for dinner when you just couldn’t bear to cook.

Gone would be the indoor playground where you sit on the other side eating in peace while they play in the toddler area.

Gone would be those cute plastic placemat covers they give you for the highchair.

Gone would be that free little ice cream cone you enjoy when you get that kids’ meal for yourself and turn in the prize.

Gone would be everyone that will ever do anything for you with a smile and a my pleasure reply.


I’ve tallied the approximate price for that mom’s meal and it is not cheap. Assuming the small tray included is the small tray on their website (which feeds 6-8,) you are looking at $46.05 before tax.

Really, ladies.

It’s better for us if the Chick-fil-A does not go broke.

Let’s not expect so much of them.

Although I really am wondering if Mr. Arnold in Ballentine would substitute the super food side and a few milkshakes – think 46 is too old to get pregnant?

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  1. Well, I’m in Houston, live right down the street from Chik FIL A and just had a baby. Guess I missed out. I’m also 45, so the answer to your last question is more should you than could you. Lol


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