Dear Body… I Owe You an Apology


Dear Body –

You are magnificent in your strength, endurance, and resilience. You allow me to
engage, experience, and grow more than most.

To be honest, I owe you an apology.

It seems I’ve often been critical of you, spoke negatively towards you, poorly judged you,
and discredited your many accomplishments. I strive to be an individual in personality
but have neglected seeing the beauty of your uniqueness for far too long. I’ve made the
mistake of creating an unhelpful habit, talking down to you and your many parts.

I am deeply sorry, my body. Please accept me again.

Abdominals, you give me the stability I need for all movement and exercise. Thank you butt and thighs for providing me the strength to stand and the cushion to sit.

Breasts, one day you will supply my additional children with nutrition through your wonderful milk. That is a gift and I will love you for that but until then, I will appreciate you as you are. After all, big things come in small packages. Plus, you don’t hurt my back like others do.

Shoulders and arms, you are what others only dream of and strive for in look and power. You allow me the opportunity to complete smaller tasks like carrying groceries and larger tasks like pushing heavy dumbbells towards the sky. You deserve to be flaunted.

Hey, ears, nose, and head. You are a package deal and my connection to most senses. For that, I am thankful. That is enough and to expect more or compare you to others is entirely unfair.

Body, let’s start over with a clean slate. I’ll try my best to keep judgments at bay until they are eliminated altogether leaving only acceptance, positivity, appreciation, and love.

Your biggest fan,

Heather Curtis is the Public Relations Director for Soda City. She calls herself a gypsy warrior, athletic optimist, and community enthusiast. In her own words, “it’s about promoting more love, understanding, and support in Columbia through inspiration and positive action. Happiness over suffering is the key. Is what we’re doing creating happiness or suffering for someone else? That’s the question to ask.” She has a husband (Ryal) and a daughter (Hailey) whom she enjoys soaking up the sun and adventuring with, everywhere and anywhere. Heather’s passions are widespread but at the heart of it all is a desire to uplift others, encourage authenticity, and raise good humans.


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