Disorganized Moms Unite :: An Ode to the Bullet Journal


It’s pretty comical that I am about to write a post about organization. Because, truthfully, I’m someone who finds it very difficult to stay organized and I’m naturally quite forgetful. But who better to share her victories than someone who has always struggled? And that’s why I’m here today telling you about my favorite organizational method of all time: Bullet Journaling! If you haven’t heard of Bullet Journaling, you have got to check this out. If you are already a big fan of the BuJo, keep reading because I will share some great resources for perfectly personalizing your journal. The possibilities really are endless!

What is Bullet Journaling?

As a mom, I have to juggle my part time job, my kids’ schedules, my online blogger persona, all the tasks that come along with homeschooling, as well as regular household duties. Ugh. And let’s not forget meal-planning. As you know, multi-tasking is really the only means of survival for a mom. We have tons of things to keep track of and most of them have to happen relatively simultaneously, and every single time we try to plan ahead, we get interrupted. If it’s not one thing, it’s another and if it’s not another thing … it’s ALL THE THINGS. Let’s face it. Mothering = all the things, all the time. So who can keep track without a stellar system in place? Enter the amazing, fantastic, flexible Bullet Journal.

A bullet journal is “an analog system for a digital age”. If you like jotting down lists, this will be your fondest dream come true. It’s an organized, cataloged system of lists that helps you brainstorm, clarify, and de-clutter your poor, tired brain.

How to Get Started

You begin with only a notebook and a pen. You can keep it very simple (as I do) or use lots of techniques to customize it beautifully. The only real “rule” is that every page you write on should have a page number and a corresponding entry in the table of contents so that you can reference it quickly. This way no list is ever lost and you can find every tiny tidbit of info you ever jot down.


That’s right, finally, I have a planner that can hold EVERY SINGLE thought that finds its way from my consciousness to my notebook. That has never been the case before! Each list can be as utilitarian as a laundry list of, well, actual laundry or as wistful as a list of possible destinations for a post-retirement trip 25 years from now. Suddenly it’s productive to start a Stocking Stuffer list in April or jot down ideas for next summer’s vacation when this summer’s trip is barely over.

The bullet journal allows me to harness my wildly disjointed creativity and put it toward future productivity, all while clearing my mind of clutter. It’s basically therapeutic and productive at the same time! Thera-ductive!

Have any bullet journal tips or hacks to share? 

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  1. Do you know any bullet “journal-ers?” I’ve been wanting to join a group and can’t seem to find anyone in the area that knows what a bujo is!


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