DIY Flavored Coffee Creamer


I love coffee in all forms, but the coffee I love the most comes from the gurgling drips of my Black and Decker coffeemaker every morning. I prepare the filter and fill it with coffee nightly before I go to bed, so when I stumble down the stairs carrying my 18-month old before dawn, the only coordination that I have to muster is pressing my finger to the start button.

Over the years I have been a coffee snob, but I’m no longer picky as long as it’s strong and hot! I love adding a bit of flavored coffee creamer to my cup in the morning. However, I’m trying to give up products containing ingredients I don’t know how to pronounce, so I started making my own.

Main Ingredients

  • Milk (preferably whole)
  • A can of sweetened condensed milk (found on the baking aisle of the grocery store, usually near the pie crusts)

Note: There are dairy free recipes on the Internet, but I’ve never tried them.  


  • Measure 1 3/4 cup of milk into a container you can shake. (I use an old Coffee-mate bottle, but have used Mason jars as well.)
  • Add the can of sweetened condensed milk. (If you’ve never opened a can of sweetened condensed milk, I recommend using the sharp end of a can opener to make two holes in the lid. Also, the condensed milk is very thick; I pour it into the bottle using a funnel so that I don’t waste any.)
  • Shake the container until the contents are blended.
  • Add flavoring. (Find ideas here.)

Flavor Suggestions (And One to Avoid)

By making your own creamer you have total control over the flavor intensity of your coffee. I recommend experimenting to discover your own signature flavors. The possibilities are endless! My two favorites by far are:

  • Sweet Cream – Add one tablespoon of vanilla extract and one teaspoon of almond extract to the basic recipe.
  • Chocolate – Add two tablespoons of chocolate syrup and one tablespoon of vanilla to the basic recipe.
DIY Flavored Coffee Creamer | Columbia SC Moms Blog
Chocolate Almond Creamer? French Vanilla? Sweet Cream? The possibilities are endless.

Avoid pumpkin spice – I’ve tried making my own pumpkin spice creamer, but I do not recommend adding pumpkin to your base recipe, as it never really blends with the milk. The bottom of your coffee mug ends up being a slurry of coffee and pumpkin for you to choke down. Trust me. The pumpkin spice syrup at your favorite coffee spot is made with artificial pumpkin flavoring, which is hard to replicate. I do, however, recommend experimentation to come up with your own signature flavors.

Now when you have friends over for coffee, you can show off your crafty, homemaking side by serving them coffee with creamer that you made yourself!

* Basic recipe altered from Mrs. Happy Homemaker.

What kinds of coffee creamer flavor combinations would you like to try?


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