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    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms BlogLet’s face it. We’re all busy moms, and parenthood presents its own unique challenges when it comes to shopping. If your kids are anything like mine, you never know how a trip to the store is going to pan out. Overall defiance at the suggestion? General fits over items wanted if you do make it in the store? Unhappiness and bad attitudes at the amount of time the shopping trip takes? Regardless, more times than not it’s a situation I don’t want to encounter, which is why I was so excited to try Walmart’s Online Grocery Shopping.

    What is Walmart’s Online Grocery Shopping?

    Walmart has taken out the struggle and time consuming aspects of shopping in store and created a fast, easy to use shopping experience online. They brought their grocery store online – literally – allowing you to find the items you need and shop from the comfort of your home. And the best part? The service is absolutely free! Plus you schedule your pickup time and their rep personally loads the items in your car. A win-win!

    Easy Online Ordering

    I have to admit, if I can order something online, I’m all over it. Nothing says ease to me like being able to sit down at my computer when it fits my schedule (aka – my son is napping or it’s after bedtime). Then I can really look at the items I want and place my order without the distraction kids can bring.

    I had my grocery list ready and logged onto their site. It’s super easy to get started and find the location closest to you offering the service.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    After setting up an online account, you’re ready to shop! The system overall is very user friendly. It is easy to find the items you need, and I love how they provide you with featured items, best sellers and much more (I would have forgotten eggs if it weren’t for this).

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    Once you find the item you’re looking for, the system shows you a full range of items available to choose from. Let me tell you, finding my choice for frozen broccoli from my warm sofa beat sifting through the cold freezer section any day! And I love the easy price comparison it provides at your fingertips.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    Holiday Shopping Made Easy

    So, I have to admit I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants grocery shopper. While our family does keep a list for necessities, I also enjoy browsing the store for seasonal items and anything else that strikes my fancy. This opportunity was not denied in the online shopping experience.

    There is an option to search by departments which was AWESOME – especially considering Christmas is right around the corner and there is a complete section dedicated to the holiday. I was able to pick out fun Christmas candy for my son’s stocking, as well as a limited selection of holiday toys. SAY WHAT?!? Sold! Holiday shopping just got ten times easier! Our Elf on the Shelf and Santa’s helpers thank you tremendously. Not to mention, my seasonal baking and cooking necessities were taken care of.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog


    Once you’ve loaded up your online cart, checkout is easy. You’ll be asked to select a pickup time. For same day service, orders must be placed by 10 a.m. Orders placed after this time can be picked up the following day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms BlogI didn’t place my order until around noon, so I did have to wait until the next day. However, I found this was actually a good thing for our family. Orders can be edited and added on to until 1 a.m., and twice during the day I found myself remembering items we needed and was able to easily add them to my order for pickup the next day. Mommy win!

    Like other online services, you will review your order before placing and receive a confirmation email upon placing your order.


    Walmart offers a grocery app for download. When using this option, you can easily let the store when you are 10 minutes away so they can be ready with your order. There is also an option to call and speak to someone if you prefer one-on-one interaction.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping App | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    The email provides instructions on where to pickup your groceries. But if you forget those details, Walmart has the parking lot and store easily marked so you can find where you need to be.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    Once you arrive, the spaces are clearly marked and there’s plenty of spots for multiple pickups. I indicated on the app the color of my car, so the personal shopper was able to find me very quickly. It didn’t take long for these empty spots to fill up with other customers picking up their groceries. 

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    Once I pulled up, my personal shopper, Bessie, immediately wheeled my order over. I love how each individual container contains only a few bags placed side-by-side. Since bags aren’t stacked on top of each other, you don’t have to worry about your bread getting smushed or those bottles of household cleaner toppling over on your fresh vegetables.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping Pickup | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    And talk about service! I didn’t have to help with a thing! Bessie loaded my car for me, paying special attention to my perishable and fragile items, placing them on the top seat for extra care. She also went over my grocery order with me, ensuring the substitutions made on a few items not available in the store were okay with me.  

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    And notice that “Totes fresh” bag? It was a special thank you treat for placing my first order online! This reusable bag was packed full of hearty samples of several items available in the store, as well as some coupons. Such a nice surprise!

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping Free Gift | Columbia SC Moms Blog

    The True Test: Unpacking My Groceries When I Got Home

    I have to admit, I was a little hesitant having someone else pick out produce for me. I normally spend a good bit of time comparing vegetables and fruits to make sure I’m getting the freshest of the fresh. I was pleased to find the items I ordered were exactly what I would have picked out myself. The personal shopper truly is selecting the best for you.

    Easy & Fast - Walmart Online Grocery Shopping Fresh Produce | Columbia SC Moms BlogOverall Top 5 Favorite Things About Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

    1. Walmart’s online grocery pickup service saves you time and effort by doing the shopping for you.
    2. Easy & Fast: Order online. Select your pickup time & location. They load your car in minutes.
    3. Peace of Mind: Their expert team picks the freshest items – guaranteed, or your money back.
    4. Free: No service fees. Same Every Day Low Prices found in stores.
    5. Live better: Get time back in your life.

    Try it For Yourself!

    Want to be a #groceryhero too? Check out this service: Walmart’s Online Grocery Shopping. I seriously cannot say enough great things about my experience … and this is coming from someone who typically does grocery shopping elsewhere. Give it a try and I know you’ll love it too! 

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