Easy Snacks and Crafts for a Fun Halloween Night at Home


This past weekend, my kids and I planned some fun Halloween activities since October suddenly showed up! How is this month flying by already?

I wanted to do something different than our usual pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving (to be done later this month) so I looked into what else we could do. After scrolling through Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook, I found some super fun ideas; both for Halloween snacks and crafts.

Oreo Bats

These super cute bats are made out of Oreos and mini Reese’s peanut butter cups. The recipe uses melted chocolate for the “glue” but I only had Nutella on hand, and it worked perfectly. I found the candy eyes at Lidl, but you should be able to find them at Walmart and Target as well. 


I got these cute cheap crafts from Target that the kids had fun putting together. Target also has carvable fake pumpkins that will last longer than real pumpkins and a bunch of wood Halloween items like skulls and pumpkins and kittens. I may have also bought some of those with acrylic paint for another paint project before Halloween. I love when I can find things for the kids to do make so it’s something personal but also can be used to decorate for years to come. 


I found this cute Hocus Pocus charcuterie-themed board online and saved it to my phone so we could recreate it. I got the ghost veggie chips from Target. But for the other charcuterie board items, you can purchase everything you need pretty inexpensively from items at Trader Joe’s, Lidl, or Aldi. Those are my go-to places for a good variety that won’t break the bank.

This was a great activity because we could decide what foods we wanted on it. The kids had a blast making the charcuterie board, and I served it with loaves of French bread so it was a quick and easy no-fuss dinner too!

After dinner, we definitely had a quiet evening on the couch watching Hocus Pocus to end our fun Halloween night. Then ate our candy bats for dessert. Mmmmm!!

What Halloween foods or crafts would you add to this list?

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