The Elusive Half Birthday Party


The music in every store during the shopping frenzy, every child is beaming with excitement of Santa’s arrival, families getting together to celebrate the holiday spirit, there are just so many things to enjoy and be thankful for during the holiday season. While most are enjoying the hustle and bustle, many are celebrating birthdays that are often over shadowed during this time of year.

I have one very special little boy whose birthday falls into this category, smack dab in between Christmas Day and New Years Day. When we told people our due date countless people would say “Oh, wow a Christmas baby. That stinks for him.”

Naturally, I refuse to think this way. I personally think it’s a magical time of year to have a birthday, but when he turned one I realized it was going to be tricky to squeeze in a birthday party or gathering amongst the Christmas and New Years Eve shenanigans. 

The holidays aren’t the only thing that keeps a birthday party at bay. The cold January and February temperatures can make for limited options for birthday celebrations. Obviously, you can still have a birthday party during these times of the year, but its just a little trickier for planning and often deterred by weather and holiday festivities. 

I heard about the elusive “half birthday party” but honestly didn’t know anyone who had one or been to one. The idea intrigued me! With my son’s birthday being on Dec. 27, his “half birthday” would land on June 27. A summer birthday party sounded like fun, with a lot more options of places to host a celebration and a greater likelihood of friends and family being able to attend. 

Needless to say, I gave the half birthday thing a shot between his 1st and 2nd birthday. It’s mind blowing how much they change in 6 months!

Here is How I executed Boone’s Half Birthday

Find the perfect summer time party spot!

Pelican’s SnoBalls are (let’s be real here) the best summertime treat! Affordable, fun, come in so many amazing flavors (my fave is cherry margarita with nerds – you’re welcome), and just an adorable atmosphere to host a party. 

Decorations were easy.

Pelican’s SnoBalls already has cute décor so all I added was some fun straws, a piñata, and a bubble machine! I find that minimal décor is better anyway. Less to buy and easy clean up. Just a simple thing like a bubble machine can make a huge impact and kids go nuts over bubbles. 

Of course I am a firm believer in having the perfect cake and the half birthday theme was super fun to work with. Again, simple makes a statement! Yum!

Then its time to celebrate the reason everyone has come together. Your little half birthday boy or girl!

I am not the type of person to have a big birthday blowout every year, but every couple years or so I think everybody deserves a big celebration of some kind. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made at one of my own or friend’s birthday parties. 

So don’t shy away from the idea. The “half birthday party” is a real thing and shortly after I hosted one we were invited to another. Many more family and friends were able to attend since they had a little less going on than around the holidays, and many of our guests just really loved the whole idea. I will definitely have another half birthday party for Boone in the future. 


Have you hosted a half birthday party? What tips would you add?


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