Father’s Day Card Craft


Need a creative, quick, easy and inexpensive Father’s Day craft idea for Dad or Grandpa? How about this new “shirt”? It will be one he will always love!

shirt cardMaterials:

1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 white card stock
1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 colored card stock or construction paper (the “shirt”)
Colored paper or fabric (the “tie”)
2 buttons (recycle from an old shirt or spare buttons that often come with new clothing)
Glue/glue stick


1. Start this project by folding the white card stock in half to create a greeting card. Using scissors or a paper cutter, trim 1.5 inches off the top of the card.

shirt card 22. Next, cut the “shirt” by cutting the colored paper in half to match the width of the greeting card. Then, lightly mark a line 1.5 inches down from the top, and make a 1.25 inch incision on each side of the line.

shirt card 33. Fold the incisions inward to create the shirt collar.

shirt card 44. Using a glue stick, attach the shirt to the card, carefully lining up the edges. The collar should hang over the top of the card.

shirt card 55. To create the tie, have your child color a design on paper, use patterned scrapbook paper, or even fabric scraps. (There isn’t a pattern for the tie; I just cut out something that fit the dimensions of the collar and the card.)

shirt card 66. Glue the tie under the collar flaps, ensuring the top of the tie aligns with where the collar meets.

shirt card 77. Next, glue the collar flaps down over the tie, and then glue the buttons to finalize the “shirt”.

shirt card 88. To finish your card, have your child create a special Father’s Day message inside. If your little one is too young to write, create one yourself or have you child “draw” something (or both!).

dads cardAnd there you have it! An easy, original, handmade card for Father’s Day that will allow you to spend some one-on-one time with your child while showing Dad or Grandpa how much you care! A win-win for everyone!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

* Idea submitted by reader Phoenix Hardin



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