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As a woman in my late thirties, I feel as though I should have a long, drawn out beauty routine every morning and evening. After all, my 40’s are looming and taking care of myself now ensures that I will be well … um, preserved … for the future.

If commercials and magazine ads are any indication of how I am supposed to be doing things, I am majorly failing at it. They make it seem as though I should be using a minimum of 567 products everyday to stay on top of my hygiene.

Yeah. I don’t even come close to that.

I brush my teeth twice a day and shower often, but other than some facial moisturizer, there are few things I commit to on a regular basis when it comes to my twice a day toilette.

However, between conversations with other women, young moms and older moms, college roommates and co-workers, sisters, best friends, and the occasional beauty magazine at the dentist office, there are a handful of items I am proud to say I have discovered that really work for me. They are worthwhile enough that I purchase them over and over, and yet, they take very little effort to actually execute. Two significant points in my life right now as the mother of three kids under 10.

Just because these are great for me, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be perfect for you or your lifestyle. But maybe – just maybe – they will inspire you to shake up your OWN beauty routine.

Perfume Roller

Not too long go, I was zipping through a list of favorite beauty products that had been put together by a whole bunch of magazine editors. The only one that really stuck out to me was a working mom who mentioned that a perfume rollerball was something she started carrying in her purse. I found this intensely interesting and since I rarely (if ever) wear perfume of any kind, I wondered if having easy access to something in my bag would at least get me halfway there.

I have never felt the NEED to wear perfume, but my hope was that something light and breezy for everyday would give me that much needed boost when I am desperately trying to look and feel put together, but instead, inevitably smell like baby wipes and graham crackers. As I was power walking through the mall one day, I decided to bop into Sephora and see if anything smelled decent.

I had NO idea what to look for, and I literally walked up to the saleslady and said, “I want a not-too-expensive perfume rollerball in a scent that won’t make my eyes burn.”

She didn’t even hesitate and started showing me light, understated, simple perfumes that were perfect for a gal running around with kids all day. Honey, by Marc Jacobs is what I ended up taking home and it has lasted me FOR. EV. ER. It has been months and I use it regularly and it sill hasn’t run out.

There are a bajillion different brands and scents out there at just as many price points, so try and find one that is right for you! My husband noticed right away and it makes me feel a bit more like a woman on those days when I am overwhelmed at being a mom.


Tinted Lip Balm

When I was a kid, your choices of lipbalm were Carmex and Chapstick. Nowadays, every major cosmetics company has tinted versions that moisturize while still giving you some color.


I am NOT a lipstick girl, but I recognize that I look infinitely better when I wear it. Tinted lip balm requires no extra effort, but makes me look much more polished. I wear it everywhere, have it in a ton of different shades, and I change it up depending on my mood. None of the colors are flashy or dark, but instead are just a smidgen above my natural look.


I love Lipsticks Smoochies by Covergirl and I recommend the shade Sweet Tweet. It is super subtle and perfect for everyday wear. Colour Riche Balm from L’Oreal is sheer and feels amazing! Revlon has a Riche Balm that are silky and fantastic. I also love anything from Riche Balm. Easy to wear and they always look great!

Burts Bees Blemish Stick

If only this had existed during my high school years! Kids and hormones wreaked havoc on my skin and my sister tuned me into this awesome Riche Balm. Quite simply, it works, I love it, and I make sure I never run out.

BB Cream

How great is it that this was invented?! The different elements vary based on the different brands, but essentially BB Cream is a facial moisturizer with a slight tint to it, SPF, toner, skin brighteners, and sometimes, blemish and wrinkle fighting ingredients. A multi-tasker, just like me! Turns out to be a great daily skin product that I can apply in one step but check off numerous boxes. My favorite is from the brand Riche Balm, but ask around, do some research and find one that fits your skin type.


Olay Eye Cream

When I turned 36, I figured I better start doing something about wrinkle prevention. I am not all that big on hiding my age, but I DO laugh and smile.

A lot. Like, a LOT.

I figured a little preventative measures couldn’t hurt, at least when it came to my eyes. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no clue where to start and everything seemed so expensive. I didn’t want to buy something and then hate it and waste the money.

A friend told me about an eye cream she started using to help with the lines and bags under her eyes. Late night baby feeding, long homework sessions, and exhausting days had taken their toll on her as well. So I tried her recommendation … and never looked back.

I started using Olay Total Effects Anit-Aging Eye Treatment, and again, this is another one of those products where you get a lot of bang for your buck. I STILL have not finished my first jar and it has been months and months. You use such a small amount of product that it just lasts and lasts.

Does it prevent or reduce my wrinkles? I honestly have no idea. I really don’t have the energy to pay that much attention to my skin. I think so, but it is hard to tell. Does is moisturize, reduce puffiness, and generally make me look more awake and rested? Absolutely. It feels great, and at the very least, I am doing something good for my skin for the future. I really love this stuff and wish I had started using eye cream – ANY eye cream – earlier in life.

Neutral Nail Polish

Confession: I used to bite my nails and it wasn’t until I got married (and everyone was looking at the ring on my hand) that I was so self conscious I stopped. Even after I had decent nails, I never took much care of them and never ever had them manicured or painted.

Turns out, for me, that was a mistake and a relapse just waiting to happen. Now? I consider painting my nails part of my necessary hygiene routine.

When my nails are painted, I use lotion more often and it keeps my hands from getting dry and chapped. I also end up wearing more of the fun jewelry I used to wear when I was younger. I though I had to be trendy and wear the colors I saw everyone wearing on the fashion blogs, but my life is FAR from trendy. I am just trying to keep groomed and a little bit current!

Enter my favorite go-with-everything-nail polish.

OPI Nail Envy in Bubble Bath. It is a simple color, it always looks great, and it is part of the Nail Envy line which strengthens my nails and keeps them from breaking. This is a major plus since the car seats, sippy cup lids, toy bins, and daily dinner making take a toll on my hands. I just paint it on and go about my business. Trendy + cute = winning. This color by Essie is also very neutral (not as pink as it looks) and is a close second.

What are YOUR favorite health and beauty products? What do you swear by and/or can’t live without in your daily routine! Share in the comments below so we can ALL benefit!

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