5 Must-See Padded Outdoor Playgrounds Around Columbia


The only thing better than playground time with your kids is padded playground time with your kids. I love whoever came up with the idea to add rubber flooring to outside spaces. Our children (especially the littlest ones) can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on these awesome, squishy-floored creations. We parents can breathe that extra little sigh of relief knowing that falls, jumps and tumbles are less likely to result in cuts, scrapes and splinters. 

These hidden gems can be a little tricky to find, so we’ve put together a guide to help you find your way to several of our favorites around Columbia!

Crooked Creek Park

Located in Chapin, Crooked Creek Park offers an entire day of activities, and a great spot to let your kids enjoy a great padded playground! There are multiple playgrounds in the park, but the padded floor playground is located next to the Recreation Center across from the tennis courts. It offers plenty of play space for your little ones!

Five Padded Playground Spots Around ColumbiaCitadel Park

Head to Citadel Park in Forest Acres and enjoy watching your little ones worry-free. The park offers a large padded playground area after undergoing renovations several years ago. You’ll also find plenty of space to run around and play games, and plenty of shaded areas to cool down and relax! There’s also a fence that surrounds the playground area, so you don’t have to worry about your small one running into the street. 

Five Padded Playground Spots Around Columbia

Community Park of Irmo

Community Park of Irmo is an absolute must-see if you haven’t visited yet. The park has three large padded playground areas, including a climbing wall and a toddler-friendly area for your younger children. Pack some snacks and enjoy them under covered tables, or take a shaded walk along the trails. Don’t miss the playhouse or pond … there is plenty of exploring to do here!

Columbiana Station

This padded playground is tucked away within a great shopping area in Harbison. Take a break from a day of shopping and let your children play for a while in this quiet spot (located in the Columbiana Station Shopping Center on Bower Parkway next to the British Bulldog Pub). And if you visit in the summer, pack a few beach towels so that your children can enjoy the splash fountain directly in front of the playground! An added bonus, there are picnic tables next to this area you can enjoy a snack on or have the British Bulldog deliver food directly to you. A win-win! 

Five Padded Playground Spots Around Columbia

Riverbanks Zoo Playground

Located next to the Wild Adventures Rock Wall, the padded playground at Riverbanks Zoo gives your little ones another way to enjoy the zoo. And you’ll get a chance to sit and relax for a bit before heading back to explore!

Five Padded Playground Spots Around Columbia

These are just a few of our favorites. Which padded playground do you like the best?


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