Free Adoption Fair in the Midlands


Today, there are thousands of children out there in need of a loving home. There are thousands of families out there aching for someone they haven’t met yet.

Fortunately, we have great news for everyone out there thinking about or in the process of pursuing adoption!

There will be a free adoption fair event in the Midlands in March.

What does that mean?

Well, if you are interested in:

  • Finding out about different kinds of adoption
  • Adopting your first child
  • Expanding your family through adoption
  • Possibly fostering
  • Paying for adoption
  • Re-certification hours for foster parents

…then this event is perfect for you!

Brought to you by the knowledgeable authorities in the South Carolina Bar, Young Lawyers Division’s Families Forever Committee, this event will provide answers to your questions and the guidance you’ve been wanting. This committee is comprised of lawyers whose goal is to “spread awareness about foster care and adoption in South Carolina” and whose ultimate dream is “for every child in South Carolina to have a forever family.” 


No matter what type of adoption you’re interested in or where you are in your journey, you are welcome. Adoption lawyers and official agencies will be present at the event with information and resources. There will also be vendors, workshops, and even some one-on-one sessions. Best of all, the event is free and open to the public. 

The Free Adoption Fair will take place from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on March 21, 2020

Tri-City Leisure Center, 485 Brooks Ave., West Columbia.

If you cannot make it, there will be other free adoption events in the future. For example, there will be one in Simpsonville on April 18. To keep in the loop about all such events and offers or get started looking into adoption, you can go to the S.C. Bar website.

As a mom who began her family with adoption, I cannot recommend it more. Not only is adoption an irreplaceable experience, but it is also important to get reliable information and strong support. 

Have you adopted a child? What was your experience?

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Paula Billingsley
Originally from Columbia, Paula has also lived in NC, Florida, Alaska, and the UK before returning, after her husband’s deployment, to start USC School of Law. After passing the bar, working with education nonprofits, and going back for her Masters in English, she’s set aside being an active attorney for now to focus on her health, writing, and raising her baby girl, Evy. Paula knows life does not usually go as expected, like being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and sometimes it goes better, like eloping or adopting her best book review buddy, Evy! She binges on good tv, good books, good chocolate, good tea, and good conversation. She’s also a fan of winning, whether at board games or yoga. At home, she enjoys making art, music, stories, and tasty food with her family including two wild puppies, Poppy and Petra. Out and about, she enjoys being involved in theatre and music, like at Town Theatre, enjoying the outdoors and wildlife, attending Windsor United Methodist Church, shopping, volunteering, and traveling on the cheap! She does not enjoy laundry, social injustice, environmental destruction, the patriarchy, coffee, soda, kale, or pants. She’s excited and thankful to pursue her calling and bring her child up in this kid friendly town.


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