6 Free Apps That Make Mom Life Easier


6 Free Apps That Make Mom Life Easier | Columbia SC Moms BlogI have a confession to make. I just got my first ever smartphone less than a year ago. Amazing right? A huge reason as to why my husband and I opted to go without was to enjoy not being constantly connected. However, after his bulky phone went through the wash, we decided to go for an upgrade.

It is a conscious effort not to be connected all the time but the apps that are available have literally made my life easier in a lot of ways. Here, I share some of my most favorite and most used apps! And, guess what? They’re all FREE!

Happy Couple

Happy CoupleFirst up, (in no particular order) is Happy Couple. My husband and I are busy nearly every day. Most days we get little to no quality time together. We wanted to change that and at least have a way we could stay connected. That’s when we found Happy Couple! Each day, you get 5 questions that you answer for yourself and also for your spouse. Similar to the Newlywed Game, the goal is to answer the same. There are also tips, challenges, and fun messages to send to your significant other. It’s been really fun to learn more about my spouse and most often, the questions lead to a discussion. We love it!



The Kroger app is my go to for saving money! If you have not checked out Kroger Click List, get on it! It is a game changer for the busy mom or for the mom that wants to get her grocery shopping done with the kids in the car. With this app, I am able to clip coupons AND complete my grocery shopping. You can even pay for your groceries with the app! Throughout the week, I’ll add to my grocery list and then on Friday, my husband picks up the order. It is great to be intentional with our shopping by only purchasing what we need. I also love that I am able to use way more coupons than I have before. But I do have to say, getting two hours back on the weekends is the best selling point for me!


HopperIf you travel a lot by plane, Hopper will become your best friend. Our family lives in NY and we visit each year at Christmas. You simply select when you want to fly and Hopper keeps track of the flight prices for you. It will also send you a notification when your flight price has changed and lets you know if it is the time to buy. I absolutely love it and have already saved $120 on our Christmas flights. I, like most people, do not have time or the memory to keep checking flight prices. I love that this app does it for me.



Calm has become my new favorite app. When the hustle and bustle of the day becomes nothing but calm, this app has been my saving grace. As soon as you open the app, it reminds you take a deep breath (thank you for the reminder!). You can also pick a background that not only has a calming scene but also has calming noise like rain, thunderstorm, crackling fire, ocean, and many others! In addition, it has a mediation feature that actually teaches you how to mediate. One of my favorite aspects of this app is the sleep stories. Basically, calming bedtime stories for grown-ups. I am so in love with listening to them. It allows my mind to stop worrying and instead focus on the calming story. I have never slept so good! If you need some stress relief in your life, you have to get Calm!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin DonutsThere is no way I could Mom and not get my coffee fix. Getting a deal on coffee and earning free coffee, even better! The Dunkin’ Donuts coffee app makes this possible! I am loving their pumpkin and maple pecan fall flavors.

Dunkin’ Donuts not your first choice? Many other national chains have apps that offer similar features, including Starbucks (which also lets you reload your balance with the touch of your finger, so no having to fumble through things to remember your username and password).



Last, but no least, is OverDrive. First of all, our local libraries are fantastic! Both Lexington and Richland libraries offer e-books through overdrive. It is difficult to find time to relax with a good book. I love OverDrive since I can carry a title with me wherever I go to get in some reading here and there. I also love that I do not have to think about dropping the books off at the library!

So there you have it! Some of my favorite apps! Even though I do still miss my ability to be disconnected, I am loving all the apps that come with owning a smart phone!

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