Frozen Makes My Baby Cry


My 2-year-old still loves everything Frozen. It brings her joy every day.

You’ll never see me cry!

Until it doesn’t.

Here are 12 ways Frozen is ruining my toddler’s life….

1. She wants to wear ALL the Frozen Socks, but only has two feet. And two hands.

frozen socks
Where will all the others go?

2. I told her not to take the tights off of that Elsa doll.

3. She can’t get the tights back on that Elsa doll.

4. I finally made her take off the Frozen pajamas. The pajamas she has been wearing since two nights ago and also under her clothes all through yesterday because we were late for church.

frozen under my dress
I have Olaf pajamas under my dress. I don’t care what you’re going to say.

5. I am singing along to the Frozen soundtrack and I’m not supposed to.

6. I am not singing along to the Frozen soundtrack and I’m supposed to.

7. Her big sister skipped a song and now we aren’t listening to the soundtrack in the right order.

8. We accidentally cut off the last note of “Do you want to Build a Snowman?”

9. The stickers in the Frozen sticker book are gone.

10. The only clean Frozen underpants are the ones with just the silhouettes and those don’t count.

11. She can’t find the wishbone in the Frozen Look-and-Find book.

12. After finally deciding on the right pair of Frozen socks, she wants to also put on the Frozen shoes, but these will cover the characters on the socks.

why don't they all fit
But I want to see Anna and Elsa on my socks AND my shoes! Waaahhhh!

Is Frozen ruining your child’s life too? 

laura ramisLaura Ramis used to teach seventh grade English and drama, but after her first was born she switched her attention to the preschool crowd. At the moment she works from home helping to develop a local Spanish immersion program and working as a freelance educational content writer. Originally from Puerto Rico, she and her husband moved to Lexington 7 years ago. They have five children, ages 11, 10, 8, 2 and (almost) 1. You can find her gluing rhinestones on dance costumes or watching her boys play soccer. She’s the one with a baby wrapped on her back.



  1. Laura, this made me laugh so hard! Lucie is a three-nager and I have to sing Let it Go at bedtime, but if I don’t start at the very beginning, she flips out! As soon as I get to “Let it Go…” she says, “NO!!! Snow glows white on the mountain tonight…”


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