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get cash for kids clothes with moxie jean

It’s so hard to pay full price for children’s clothes, and I rarely do it. In fact, as soon as I was able to, I walked into Once Upon a Child on Harbison Boulevard with a $20 bill and purchased seven like new outfits for our brand new daughter. Considering she has three older brothers, there will be very few clothing items (if any) that will end up being passed down to her.

So I’ve been spending my time sorting the clothing that my boys have outgrown. They’ve been placed into three separate piles — “clothing that can still be worn,” “clothing for consignment,” and trash. And there is TONS of it.

Spring consignment sales are still several months away, so I decided to order a bag from Moxie Jean, an online children’s consignment store. My objective is not to make any money (although I suppose I could), but rather, I would like to outfit my baby girl in nice clothes for the winter without spending too much money out of pocket.

I’m sending off my kids clothes that no longer fit so I can outfit my brand new baby girl!

What You Need to Know

This is the second time I will have sold to Moxie Jean, and I have been pleased with the results.

  • Ordering a bag is free and it costs nothing to ship your items to them.
  • There is a comprehensive list on their website of the brands that they accept. My bag is filled with a mixture of basic and “better” brands (as classified by them), and it is stuffed full!
  • They accept boys and girls clothing up to size 14 and shoes up to size 4.
  • Customers can choose a cash payout, a donation to charity, or credit to the online store.
  • Within a couple of weeks of your bag’s receipt, Moxie Jean will send you a summary of what they bought and how much your payout will be. The first time I sold to Moxie Jean there was about a three week time frame between ordering my bag for resale and purchasing my new to me clothing from the site.
Moxie Jean sends bags for free and you can pack so much in there!
Moxie Jean sends bags for free and you can pack so much in there!


  • A major plus is their transparency. Moxie Jean has a clear cut list of the prices they will pay for each item that they receive. I appreciate the fact that they pay per item rather than giving you a payout based on your entire submission (unlike some of the similar freestanding stores in our area, like Once Upon a Child).
  • Moxie Jean will give customers 25 percent more of their payout if store credit is chosen.
  • When you purchase new to you items from their site, Moxie Jean offers free shipping for orders over $50.


  • One con to using this service is if your items are rejected, you do not get them back (although they do donate your items to charity), so it’s necessary to make sure your items are impeccable.
  • Also, you obviously are relying on another persons assessment on the quality of the clothing that was accepted; something to think about when you’re shopping with your store credit.

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Moxie Jean is one of many online consignment stores out there, but is the only one that I’ve shopped with. Have you shopped/sold to any online consignment stores? What has your experience been? Leave your responses in the comments!

Disclaimer: Columbia SC Moms Blog was not compensated in any way for this post. We just genuinely LOVE this business and wanted to share the word with our wonderful readers.


  1. Thank you for this info! I don’t feel that I have the energy to physically take my children’s clothing to a consignment store to wait for them to go through the bags of clothes that I have, just for them to buy a couple of items.
    I end up giving to Goodwill most of the time anyway.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • I’m so glad that this is a site you can use! I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I also recommend Tot Trade (which comes around Columbia twice a year) but we are a couple of months out from Tot Trade and I need to get baby girl some clothes. Also, I love shopping on the site.. Much easier than shopping out and about.


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