Getting Crafty in Columbia


Doing crafts is soooo relaxing for me. I just love it! There’s something about using my hands to create something I can treasure in my home or give as a gift that makes me feel good. Fortunately, there are some great places in Columbia where you can get your craft on! Here are my three favorite spots. 

Magnolia Thyme

I first met Ashley, owner of Magnolia Thyme, at Soda City Market. I was immediately drawn into her tent and mesmerized by her stunning succulent arrangements! Right then and there I decided I HAD to have one. Ashley then told me about her Mini Garden Soirees. So, I gathered some of my fellow Columbia Moms Blog writers at my house for a delightful evening of creating our own breathtakingly beautiful succulent arrangements.

At the soiree, Ashley leads your group step by step through the process of creating your succulent arrangement. She has a variety of different types of succulents, mosses, stones, shells, and other objects to enhance your arrangement. The entire evening was very relaxing and fun! I highly encourage you to check out Magnolia Thyme and book your own soiree! 


AR Workshop

Something else I love is beautifully crafted handpainted wooden signs. AR Workshop provides the opportunity for you to create lovely wooden pieces ranging from plank wood projects to framed signs to centerpiece wooden boxes, trays, photo frames and more. All you need to do is register on their website for a workshop.

When you arrive, they provide all materials and instruction. You can customize your project with your choice of stains, colors, and techniques and bring your project home that day. If you like, you can schedule a private workshop for you and your friends. AR Workshop provides a clean, safe, and fun environment. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your girlfriends and go!


Studio Cellar

Do you love wine? How about appetizers and snacks? Painting? If you enjoy all of those things as much as I do, then you should check out Studio Cellar. Studio Cellar is the perfect place for a moms night out. You can take a painting class or even do your own freestyle art piece, all while hanging out with friends, sipping wine and eating some tasty snacks. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty great night to me! And, just like with AR Workshop, you get to take your masterpiece home with you that night. 

Do you enjoy crafts? Tell us where you get your craft on in Columbia!

**Magnolia Thyme Soiree photos courtesy of Abigail at LivingTheGrayLife.**


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