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There is so much more to Blythewood’s Doko Meadows Park than first meets the eye. With 25 acres to explore, there’s not much chance of anyone complaining about being bored!

There’s plenty of shade, picnic tables, and benches for parents to take a break or enjoy a nice picnic while the kids play. There are clean restrooms and water fountains to ensure your little ones have a safe place to use the restroom, and that they do not become dehydrated while they play.

Of course, my five-year-old’s favorite spot in the park is the fenced in playground. There is equipment for both younger and older children. Multiple slides and multiple swings are included. In fact, I noticed last time we visited that many teens like to enjoy some of the equipment in the playground area.

In addition to the playground, the park is also home to about six miles of walking trails. This, of course, is my favorite part of the park. The trails wind in and out of the shaded wooded areas and provide some absolutely breathtaking outdoor scenery and all the fresh air you could ask for.

A section of the trail has even been turned into an outdoor story-walk for the little ones. This is my little one’s second favorite area of the park. He enjoys keeping count of each reading stop and ensuring we stay on the right path while listening to us read a story provided by the Richland Library.

Little boy looking at first page of Doko park story walk bookThe first time we came across the story walk, we had no idea what it was and we started on the wrong end. Even though we read the story backward, I was shocked to see that our little one did not get frustrated with it and want to stop. We walked from the end to the beginning and then he wanted to walk it again, only this time from the beginning to the end. I think we ended up walking the story walk from beginning to end twice that day, that’s how much our little boy loved it. That’s saying a lot! Trust me.

In addition to all of the above, Doko Meadows also boasts athletic fields, a lake (where I have seen some people fishing), an enormous 2,500 seat amphitheater, and a multi-purpose field that is often used to host the Blythewood Farmers Market, birthday parties, charitable events and even outdoor movie nights.

There is so much to see and do at Doko park, your kids will not be disappointed.

Doko Meadows Park is located at 100 Alvina Hagood Cir, in Blythewood. 

Have you been to Doko Meadows Park in Blythewood? What’s your favorite area of the park?


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