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Horses Grazing at the God It Made Ranch

A new and exciting opportunity is available in Cope, SC (about 45 minutes from Columbia)! The God It Made Ranch provides an opportunity for children of all ages to learn about horses and take lessons they ordinarily might not be able to afford. The ranch is a totally volunteer-driven, Christ-centered, student-led and a cross-denominational mission that represents a partnership with Christ Central Ministries. Their goal is to provide emotional, physical, mental and social skills, which can be taught through horse handling. It’s truly a powerful way to build confidence in children!

My family and I have been to the ranch several times to take part in a clinic which provides full instructions on parts of the horse and how to handle the horse. My daughters, ages 17 and 9, were both equally excited to participate in this “hands on” portion of the training. With an eight year age gap between children, it can be difficult to find something they are both interested in; however, the ranch is truly an activity for all ages of the family.

Below are some of the handling rules my daughters learned the very first day:

  • How to hold the lead rope and twirl it in front of you as you’re leading the horse; therefore the horse knows to stay back behind you. It is important the horse understands you are the leader and they follow, not the other way around.
  • The importance of not getting in the horse’s personal space, and not allowing the horse to get into your personal space either.
  • How to walk beside the horse, not directly in front of it, to minimize the chance of injury.
  • The appropriate way to saddle and prepare for riding the horse.
  • How to groom the horse, as well as hoof care.

By the end of the first session, my nine year old was walking the horse around leading him. Then she moved on to mounting the horse and riding, even getting the horse to trot. Boy, oh boy, did she ever have the widest smile on her face when the horse started trotting! She absolutely LOVED it!

My 17 year old is like a professional. The instructors even commented on her form and how she would be perfect to show the horses in competition.  Both of my girls are interested, and as they continue with the lessons, they will also train to show horses!

In addition to everything mentioned above, they are working with children who have Autism and ADHD by providing equine therapy! This is good for children who are victims of bullying and may have low self-esteem. The children have a chance to bond with the horses, which is truly a beautiful thing I have been blessed to witness. One of the days we were there, the instructor was working with a seven year old child who was Autistic. It truly makes us realize how blessed we are in this life and brings a tear to my eye to see this type of interaction. I know without a doubt the services offered by the wonderful people at the God It Made Ranch will bring forth healing for individuals who so desperately need it.

Last but not least, they teach marketable skills by offering Microsoft courses. All of this might have you sitting there trying to guess exactly how much they must be charging for these services. Here’s the thing…they are not charging a single thing! This is their ministry at the God It Made Ranch. They are a non-profit organization, and are totally100% volunteer driven. No one takes a salary. The ranch operates strictly off of donations.

For more information, please call Jan Sartori at the God It Made Ranch at 803-454-5170.

Disclaimer: Columbia SC Moms Blog was not compensated in any way for this post. We just genuinely LOVE this business and wanted to share the word with our wonderful readers.

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  1. This was great information! We will definitely keep it in mind for London since she is a horse LOVER! At what age do the children need to be before they can take a class?

    • Thank you, Stephanie. I know they had a seven year old when I was out there one day. The other days, they had older children and teens. Jan is very accommodating and will either work with you in a group setting or with private lessons as well.


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