Holiday Cheer and Tiredness Is Here…


Moms, let’s face it, the holidays are tiring! Many times, we are the ones getting presents for everyone on both sides of the family, coordinating parties and events, and cooking. By the time the actual holiday gets here we are just so exhausted all we can do is chug our caffeine in hopes that it will give us the energy we need to make it through the day so we can enjoy our family. We never expected holidays to be so draining as an adult, but they really can be.

I’d like to suggest a few tips and tricks that can hopefully make your holidays a little less stressful and a little more full of holiday cheer. 

Set a Budget

Money tends to be the biggest stressor for most families around the holidays. You need to choose a budget that fits your family’s needs first and foremost. Once you have that budget you need to stick to it. It is not the cost of the gift that matters, but the thought that counts. There is no need to compete with others for the better or most expensive gift. Gifts come from the heart, so get something that fits your budget but also is chosen with love. 

Pace Yourself

We also tend to over-extend ourselves during the holiday season. We try and go to each and every party we are invited to because we want to make everyone happy. Try instead to limit your social events and travel less. During the pandemic, we were limited anyway, and now everyone can travel so we are trying to squeeze everything in.

Instead of trying to pack everything into a few short weeks spread out your time and build in time to rest. You need to have days where you do nothing but stay in your jammies and watch Christmas movies all day. You can make memories with your kids at home too. 

Re-Evaluate Meals

Lastly, we cook and eat way more than the average person needs during the holiday season. Do we really need more than two desserts at one meal? Do you need enough food that you have a week’s worth of leftovers, and still end up throwing things away? Probably not.

If food and cooking is something that gives you stress, try catering your meals. Many restaurants offer catered holiday meals. There are also places you can rent out to meet with family and have a meal. This idea might actually solve the stress of cooking, and also cleaning your house to get ready for visitors. It can be a two for one stress reliever! 

Enjoy the Season

As a mom myself, I always tend to overextend myself during the holidays. I want to make everything perfect for my kids and family. I want to make sure they get everything they ask for, and that all family members get a chance to visit with us. In the end, I am exhausted and not the best mom I can be. This year I am working to trim down the things that cause me stress and get back to what truly makes the holidays special. 

How do you cut down stress during the holidays?

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Lauren Black is a born and bred Lexington native who grew up wanting to be a teacher in the school district she attended. Her career path took a slight turn in her final year of college where she realized her love for libraries and literature. She worked in the public library setting for 7 years before transitioning to be a school librarian in 2018. She now gets to utilize both of her degrees, as well as live her childhood dream of teaching in the school district she grew up in. She is married to Andrew Black, owner of Black Tiger Taekwondo in Lexington. She is also a mom to Lee and Ava, and four rescue kitties. Being a mom, business owner, and educator has its challenges but it is so rewarding! In her free time, Lauren loves to binge-watch shows on Netflix, taking taekwondo classes with her kids to work on getting her black belt, and get her exercise in with some cardio drumming. She can identify with female entrepreneurs, and moms who are trying to find themselves and their bodies again after having kids.


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