I Am a Girl Mom


I ALWAYS wanted to be a girl mom.

Even before I got married. Even before I met my husband.

Back when I worked at an office and my colleagues started having babies, I used to tell them I wanted three daughters. If you ask me why, I think it is because I have two sisters myself, and throughout the years, we have grown really close. Even though it is not guaranteed they will have the same bond I have with my sisters, I sure hope they do.

A Peek Inside My Life as a Girl Mom

Yes, my house IS filled with pink (pink toys, pink clothes), although they also play with cars and trucks.

Yes, I buy bows and headbands in bulk, although my daughters do not wear them every day.

Yes, I take my little ones to ballet classes, although they are eager to choose whatever extracurricular activity they want to try (for example, soccer is next).

Yes, we spend at least one afternoon a month baking, although we also spend time learning how things are built.

I know this might not describe all girl moms (everyone must have their preferences and routines) but I am sure others can relate. And regardless of having girls or boys, what we, as parents want is to raise strong, educated citizens of the world. Every day, we focus on nurturing their spirit, making them feel loved, and giving them the necessary tools so they can embrace and fulfill their mission in this world (whether it’s to start their own company, have children of their own, become famous, start a non-profit, and much more). 

Sure, there are some differences in raising boys or girls, but the main thing (at least for me) is to raise happy children.

Are you a boy mom or a girl mom? 

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Luz has been happily married for seven years and is a proud mom to three girls, four years and under. She is originally from Mexico but has lived in Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina. South Carolina has been her family's home for almost two years (but they have been in Columbia only six months, so she is eager to explore all the city and its surroundings have to offer). So far, she has really enjoyed going to the Riverfront Park, picking strawberries at different farms, eating ice cream at Rosewood Dairy Bar, and going to events at the State Fairgrounds. She is a stay-at-home mom, avid churchgoer, and community helper. Some of her passions include reading, cooking/baking, listening to music, learning new languages, exercising by watching fitness videos, and traveling. She recently started to learn all about gardening and loves it (it has turned into a family activity for the weekends).


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