I Am Wonder Woman


I get asked fairly often, “How do you do it all?” And, “You’re always so busy. What’s your secret?”

Well I do, in fact, have a few tricks up my sleeve but I wouldn’t call them secrets. 

My husband and close friends all know I really like Wonder Woman. She is me and I am her. She’s inspiring in all the right ways, as I try to live my life. I even have her theme song as my cell phone ringtone.

In my busy mompreneur life, I’ve learned that just like Wonder Woman, I too, need to depend on my league sometimes (for me, that’s more often than not). So what does that look like for this modern-day Wonder Woman?

I depend on Batman, AKA my husband. He is strong, handsome and mysterious just like the Dark Knight. But he also protects my front and my back. He has the mission that’s laid out and set for us to follow. He works hard, even if that means sometimes he works alone. I trust his judgment because I know he only wants what is best for us. 

I depend on Superman, AKA my staff. They always rise up and go above and beyond what is expected of them. They are dependable, Intuitive and genuine. They are a major factor in why my business has grown so much in such a short time, and I’m thankful to have individuals like them on my team that keep the daily machine running.  

I depend on Aqua-Man, or in this case Aqua-Woman, our incredible nanny. She works her magic on our children and keeps them happy, safe and content. That allows me to focus on my work. I can’t tell you the peace of mind I have knowing that my babies are safe and having fun. It frees me up to be at my best when I’m working. 

I depend on Cyborg, AKA my lawn care, my housekeeper and my grocery pick up. With the hours we work, there is never anytime to do normal chores. It gets so tough. We’ve even gone a year without cutting the grass despite always planning to do it “later.”

That’s when I knew we needed help. I can only rest in a clean home and because I’m not there often to do the cleaning, things would get piled up and I would become more stressed. When I started handing some of the cleaning and house maintenance off to someone else, I could feel my stress levels lower and I can now use the time I am home to focus on my children. Its been an investment that is well worth it. And can we just thank Jesus for Walmart grocery pick up?

I depend on the Flash, AKA my family. My parents have been incredible during this crazy time of my life. They often have to pick up the slack when I need a last-minute baby sitter, when I lock myself out of my car, or when I need someone to pick up breakfast for the children because I don’t have time to do it before our next appointment. Having my parents and my siblings there as fast back up for the most random things has been a huge blessing that I don’t take for granted. 

I depend on Green Lantern, AKA my best friend. She is always a listening ear when I need one. Watching her play and love on my babies warms my heart. And even though life can be pretty crazy, she doesn’t let that scare her away.

She steps into her role as my best friend so graciously, as she allows me the freedom to evolve and become a new but better version of myself. She helps to validate my ideas and dreams. She’s always been my cheerleader and I love her for it. 

I am indeed Wonder Woman, but I’m only this wonderful because of my Justice League.

Being a mom is hard. Being an entrepreneur is hard. But with the right team behind me I know I can do anything. 

Who’s in your league? Don’t forget to thank them. 

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Tamayah Goodwin
Tamayah is a Pediatric Ninja Specialist, which means she uses the Martial Arts to help kids be the very best versions of themselves so they can rock this thing called life. She is the co-owner of TNT Martial Arts & Fitness, located in Cayce and she loves being able to work, play and parent along side of her husband Tim. They have 2 little ninja's of their own, Quinton and Sophia who you can find hanging out on the mats at TNT. Along with inspiring the kids she works with, Tamayah wants to encourage other moms that are just starting out in business and motherhood. Being a mom can be tough and being a business owner is hard but both jobs are incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. When Tamayah is not working at TNT, she enjoys baking and trying new recipes, taking her kids to the different parks in Columbia to explore, date nights with her husband and hanging out with friends while watching the Ultimate Fighting Championships. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @TamayahGoodwin.


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