I Let My Toddler Color Her Hair


I know the title of this post sounds crazy, but it is true!

Let me explain…

On a couple of occasions, I have allowed my toddler, who is almost three years old, to have temporary bright colors put into her hair using semi-permanent hair color. Depending on how you apply and care for this type of color, it can wash out pretty quickly or stay for a while. Hers usually washes out in a few weeks. My daughter loves all things colorful, dying her hair allows her to be like mom (I currently have half purple-half dark brown hair), and it makes her happy. So who am I to rain on her parade? 

I have several hairstylists in my family, and in the past, I have certainly gotten myself into trouble with some hair bleach (whoops). Recently, I got the courage to color my hair purple on half my head! I have always experimented with hair color but I had never done something like this before. I reached out to one of my family stylists (lucky, right?) and she suggested I come in to see one of the girls at the salon. So I made an appointment and ended up coloring half of my hair a very dark brown and the other half got bleached in tons and tons of foils, and then I got to select my personal favorite purple shade and … voila!

My hair color is super fun and I am really enjoying it. It has helped me not take myself quite so seriously, and to learn to just have fun with it and not stress over the color of my hair, or even a few blemishes or what have you. It has taken over thirty years to get to this point of confidence for me, so if my daughter wants to imitate me, then I am flattered. 

I want to be sure my daughter is taught to love herself, and that beauty products should be used to help us be our best selves. I want her to also know it can be a fun way of artistic expression. I never planned on this happening at her age, and of course, this will not become a regular thing for her. But, since my daughter already does NOT care for my renditions of Moana or Cinderella, I’ll take what I can get in the form of her dying her hair like mommy’s. 

Have you let your child color their hair?

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