I’m a Mom AND a Photographer!


It’s safe to say that becoming a mother has significantly changed my life and continues to play a profound role in any and all of the decisions that I now make.

I gave birth to my son, and I soon realized that going to my full-time job would no longer work for me. I wanted to be happy and spend more time with him. I wanted to have the freedom to take him to the zoo on a weekday, go on morning walks by the river, and witness when he learned something new. At the same time, I was learning to rediscover myself and become acquainted with this newer version of me.

It was at that point I returned to my love of photography. 

I’m a Mom AND…

A Photographer

Not wanting to miss a moment, I took a ridiculous amount of photos of my son, whether they were candid images or staged scenarios (hello, bubble bath in a field session!).

I had fallen in love with photography about fifteen years prior, with me taking several photography classes when I was younger, and I found myself falling in love with it all over again. This time, it felt more special, with me taking photos of my son and adding in emotions and enjoyable moments that my husband and I would remember forever. 


From there, I began to build my portfolio and got a business license, which then turned into me not only turning into a photographer but also a business owner. Jocelyn Tran Photography had become my new job (in addition to being a mother), and I was so happy but also very scared (I’ll be honest!).

I began taking as many workshops and courses as I could. I also began mentoring with an amazing local photographer who has taught me so many things about not only how to grow as an artist but also how to better serve my clients and expand my photography business. It’s important to me to never get too comfortable and to always aim to become better.

Being the self-critical person that I am, I always feel that I can do more and be more. All while learning, scouting locations, traveling, communicating and meeting with potential clients, marketing, drafting up paperwork, taking photos of clients, editing images, and delivering photo galleries, I’m still also a stay-at-home mother

Jocelyn Tran Photography

While I work hard to complete my work in a timely manner, I also try to continue to be present for my son. I will admit … it’s hard. Being a mom, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom is so hard, however, it’s incredibly rewarding.

I make sure to still spend time giving my son as many cuddles and new experiences as possible, whether it’s the two of us reading a new book together, discovering a new park, or cooking a new snack or meal together. I work during downtimes, naptimes, and bedtimes, so that I can give to my business and clients and I can fill my own cup.

One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned during my motherhood journey is that I absolutely must find ways to give back to myself, and creating art and building a business is one way that I choose to do that.

I’m certainly on a wild rollercoaster ride being both a business owner and a toddler mom, but I’m so excited to see how both my child and I continue to grow. The days and evenings can be quite busy. However, I can say that I’m enjoying both of my jobs and feel very lucky to have this time in my life. It’s an adventure that I didn’t know that I would be on, but I’m so glad that I am!

Tell us what else you are in addition to being a mom!

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Jocelyn is a wife, stay-at-home toddler mom, and photographer. Before giving birth to her son, Jocelyn earned her Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and worked full-time as a children's librarian. Now, she has transitioned to stay-at-home-mom life and being a small business owner, and she's excited to see what happens next on her motherhood journey. Jocelyn has also volunteered with Girls Rock Columbia as both a workshop leader and briefly as a board member, and she is also a twice-published author in the library world, in addition to being a published photographer. Jocelyn loves horror movies (honestly, the scarier, the better!), spicy food (the spicier, the better!), barre classes, spa days, and outdoor adventures with her son.


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