You Know You are in Your 2nd Trimester When….


You Know You are in Your 2nd Trimester When…. | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The second trimester of pregnancy is well-known as the “easiest trimester” as many first trimester symptoms have gone away. It also is the trimester when women start to “look pregnant” and have other symptoms relating to their weight gain. But how do these symptoms really affect women’s day to day lives? I crowdsourced and asked my family and friends to complete the following sentence: “You know you are in your 2nd trimester when…” Here are some of the hilarious results. 

  1. You can no longer get away with wearing your normal clothes.
  2. You stock up on stretch mark lotions and oils.
  3. You actually start cooking dinner again.
  4. You don’t have to GPS how to get to your OB anymore.
  5. You’re not sure if your stomach is digesting or you felt your baby kick.
  6. You are torn between two gender reveals, and decide to do both. 
  7. Your husband has never been more attractive. 
  8. There is no longer any confusion as to “is there a baby in there?” or “did she just eat too many tacos?”
  9. You start working on your baby registry, but you don’t tell anyone about it yet. 
  10. Cuddling with your husband is not as comfortable as you remembered.
  11. You definitely look pregnant while standing up, but then when you sit down you just look chunky.
  12. You add “new bras” to your shopping list. 
  13. You consider a career as a hair model. 
  14. You stop panicking every time you see blood after you brush your teeth. 
  15. Your baby’s size is compared to fruits you actually recognize.
  16. Sleeping on your stomach is no longer an option.
  17. You check off the days on the calendar until the gender-revealing ultrasound.
  18. You dust all meals with a coat of fiber power. 
  19. Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Catch My Breath” has new meaning every time you climb a flight of stairs. 
  20. You start tossing around baby names you like with your spouse, and realize this might be harder than you thought. 

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What would you add to the list?


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