Mama…And So Much More!

brock on the loose
“Here kitty kitty kitty…”

“Mama!” That’s the name I respond to all day long. You see, I’m a stay at home mom to a very demanding toddler. His vocabulary consists of about 20 words, and mama is at the top of the list (along with “no”, but that’s a whole different story). My days are spent with building blocks, toy trains, the occasional temper tantrum, and a healthy dose of exercise from running up and down the street after my son while he chases the neighborhood cat.

I also have another name. It’s “Brock’s mama”; which is what I’m known as when we venture out for storytime at the library or a class at Gymboree Play & Music. The other day at Target I ran into a mom I see almost daily at these activities. “Hey Brock!,” I heard her call from across the aisle. We chatted for several minutes, like we do most days, yet I’m fairly certain she doesn’t actually know my name (and sadly I can’t remember hers).

When my husband gets home from work, it’s more “mama”. After all, to my toddler this is my real name, so why would my hubby call me something different? Not to mention, I’m deep in mother mode at this point – preparing dinner, convincing my son (unsuccessfully) that vegetables actually do taste good, and letting my child balance soaking wet bath toys on my head (which is pretty much the funniest thing in the world when you’re 21 months old).

It’s easy to get lost in “mama” and forget who we are. When we have children, we definitely change. Our priorities are different. Heck, even our choice of shoes is no longer the same (oh how I miss you 3 inch heels!). But that doesn’t mean we have to lose sight of the interests and great qualities that made us who we were before children. So be sure to make time for the things that matter to you. Plan activities with friends, find someone to watch the kids so you and your significant other can go on that long overdue date night, and take part in the activities you love (even if it’s just reading a book, getting your hair done, or enjoying a Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks by. your. self.). You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be a better mama for it!

As you remember to take time for you, we hope the Columbia SC Moms Blog will become a valuable resource. We’re here to remind you mothering is tough, but there’s also a lot of joy…and a lot of laughs. We’ll provide you with ideas on things to do around town (with and without the kids), creative ideas for the “Pinterest challenged”, how to make a gourmet tasting meal with little effort, as well as much, much more. So let us know your thoughts along the way. Follow us on Facebook as we interact and get advice from hundreds of local mom. We want to be YOUR blog. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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Tiffany traded in back-to-back business meetings and PowerPoint presentations, for sippy cups and play dates – leaving her corporate job behind to become a stay at home mom to her 16-month-old toddler. To say life is different is an understatement, and she now has a new found love and respect for the “hardest” (and best!) job she’s ever had. A native South Carolinian, Tiffany is best described as kind-hearted and friendly, with a quick sense of humor. When she’s not toting her little one around town to the latest kid friendly activity, you can find her enjoying a latte at Drip, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip magazines, or watching old reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 from the early 90′s. She received her Masters Degree in Integrated Communications from the University of South Carolina in 2007, and enjoys reading, writing and all things "mom."


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for the reminder Tiffany! It can be so hard to separate mama from individual, especially at that demanding (and awe-inspiring) toddler stage.


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