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It’s back to school time, and heading into a new school year has never looked as different as it does now. Whether your child will be participating in a hybrid model, virtual, face-to-face, or homeschooling, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite must-have products to help you through it all.

We polled our group of writers, real life Columbia area moms, to find out what products they are loving at the moment and would recommend as a must. So whether you’re outfitting your home for a learning space or getting ready for the traditional classroom, these products are certain to help you along the way. 

electric pencil sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Not all electronic pencil sharpeners are created equal! This one comes highly recommended from a seasoned homeschool mom on our team who has tried several out and says this one is amazing! This electric pencil sharpener quickly sharpens the tip of your pencil. The sharpener does all the work, and the container neatly captures all the shavings until it’s time to empty it.
Sofa Desk With Book and Paper Storage

Portable Desk With Book Storage

No room for a traditional desk but still need an area dedicated to your child’s work? Consider an easily moved sofa desk with storage for books and papers. This end table can slide under a sofa or couch for your convenience. Equipped with a side bag, this sofa table offers you extra space to store books while saving your space.

Kids Laptop Tray

Kids Laptop Tray

Your kids will start loving to do homework with this activity tray. It is great for doing homework, writing, reading, drawing, coloring, playing eating snacks, using laptops, and much more! The lap desk is an amazingly convenient and portable activity station that allows kids to work anywhere they are!


Day Planner

The Classic Happy Planner®

Many parents may be doubling as a teacher in the fall. Use your Happy Planner to help you turn your home into a classroom and keep everyone organized. Customizable, 18-month Happy Planner classic dated July 2020 to December 2021; Horizontal layout; Protective laminated covers & sturdy discs ensure contents stay secure. Happy Planner discs allow you to add, remove, & rearrange pages, sections, & folders with ease. Plus, Happy Planner accessories & scrapbooking supplies like stickers make it easy to customize your planner.
Time Marked Water Bottle

Leakproof Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw to Ensure You Drink Enough Water Throughout The Day

Drinking enough water is easier said than done for some people, and these water bottles are here to help you out. Having a water bottle is one thing but remembering to fill it up constantly is another. One helpful tactic comes in the form of these time-labeled water bottles, which make it easy to see how much water you’re really drinking as the time passes and when it’s time to get a refill ASAP. 

laser printer and scanner

Laser Printer with Scanner and Copier

Having a laser printer with scanner and copier is a lifesaver per our seasoned homeschool moms. This model provides wireless connectivity allowing you to print from almost anywhere in your home, and Wi-Fi Direct Connection enables easy connection to mobile devices without a router.

desk organizer

Tabletop Desk Organizer

Manage your child’s school supplies with ease! They can quickly access pencils, erasers, school supplies and more. It looks great on any countertop without taking up space. Keeps supplies organized with a clean look, minimizing clutter and giving every item its own dedicated space. Perfect for virtual learning and homeschooling

SnapType Pro

SnapType Pro

For any student needing to complete schoolwork who has problems writing, this is a game changer! SnapType helps students keep up with their peers in class even when their penmanship holds them back. Students can easily complete school worksheets with the help of an iPad or iPhone. With SnapType, students can take a picture of their worksheets, or import worksheets from anywhere on their device. They can then use their iOS device keyboard to add text to these documents and print, email, or share their creations. It is the perfect solution for kids, and even adults, who struggle with their handwriting.

pencil case
Let’s face it, 2020 brings on a different set of challenges, including making sure your kids are stocked with masks, especially if you are participating in hybrid learning this fall. But, even if your kids are at home for virtual learning or homeschooling, there are still times they will need to go out in public. And with the face mask ordinance extended in many areas, being well stocked on face masks is key. A handy, dandy pencil case is the perfect way to keep them organized and in one place. 
noise canceling headphones

Headset With Noise Canceling Microphone

“These headphones are great! They are comfortable, the sound quality is fantastic (I don’t have to have the volume on the computer very high to hear clearly) and the mute option on the headphones has saved me many times (if I’m teaching online and I need to cough or if my child comes yelling into the room…I just hit the mute button and problem solved). I recommend these headphones if you’re looking for comfort, reliability and practicality.”

Metal Utility Rolling Cart

3 Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart

“I love this cart. I got it to hold all my books and paperwork I’m working on because the pile is much too high and I’m always moving it between my bed and my desk. The cart went together really easy. It’s made of good quality metal and glides on the floor very smoothly. I’m really happy with all 3 sizes of the trays. I was surprised when the bottom tray held a stack of magazines horizontally and there was a ton of space left over. Everyone needs a storage cart like this. Not sure how I lived all these years without one!”
All products featured are independently selected and recommended by our writers. As an Amazon Associate, Columbia Mom earns from qualifying purchases.


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