If you haven’t been introduced to the book, Girl, Wash Your Face, written by Ms. Rachel Hollis, please allow me. I read this book in April of this year at a time when I was feeling mommed-out. (Only moms can understand the term, but if you are reading this as a first-time expectant mom I will clarify.)

My days had turned into battles with toddlers about lego pick up, cleaning up poop and vomit by dogs and kids, serving countless cups of milk and water, being a referee to a 2 and 4 year old, taking two days to have a complete shower, being so touched out by the day’s end that I barely wanted to talk to my husband and honestly feeling lost in mommyhood. I just wanted to get in the car and drive far, far away and never come back.

All of my life’s dreams and goals were a distant memory … I could barely remember what day it was.

And then I read this book. This life-changing, soul-turning, mind-opening book. From a mom – just like me. A mom who had a story in her childhood, her marriage, her motherhood journey. Our stories weren’t the exact same, but I could relate to everything she spoke of. I didn’t just read the book, it READ me.

In less than a week, I had an epiphany. I was entrenched in lies I told myself for decades and it was time to STOP listening to them. All the “I’m not enough.” “I’m not a good mom.” “My kids don’t need me.” “My life is a wreck.” “I’m not successful.” All lies.

I started following both Mr. and Mrs. Hollis on social media and was thrilled to find out they host podcasts and conferences nationwide. They unveiled a movie coming out called Made for More that would make it possible for a huge majority of people to attend a conference for the cost of a movie ticket – in our own backyards!

Connect With Other Moms for this Event

I quickly organized a book club and local meet-up for my girlfriends who had read Girl, Wash Your Face. Then I realized that women across the country needed to connect with other women and make it possible to attend this event.  

  1. First, get your ticket. There are two showings available nationwide (Thursday, Aug. 2 and Monday, Aug. 13).
  2. Next, invite your village of women! Moms, daughters, sisters, nieces, neighbors, friends … every woman needs to see this!
  3. Now …. join the Columbia SC Moms Blog Facebook group for your area of town and connect with other women who are attending. Reading this blog post from afar? Join the moms blog Facebook group for your area of town (with more than 80 sites around the country, there’s hundreds of them everywhere with moms just like you in your own backyard!)
  4. Meet up before the event at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Drop all defenses at the door and tell each other your stories. They are worth telling!

Q&A With Dave Hollis

I had the great honor and privilege to interview Mr. Dave Hollis with a few questions on why it’s so important for us MOMs to get out the door and see this!

1. In your opinion, what would be the benefits of attending the Made for More Movie?

This movie is the story of chasing big dreams and not letting anyone tell you how big those dreams can be. Rachel has always been a big dream chaser and the audacity of throwing an event or the ambition of pulling together a documentary is meant to be inspiring for anyone watching who has that tug on their heart for their version of “more.” The idea of a personal development conference isn’t something that everyone can either afford or may even be that familiar with, so the opportunity to get the experience — that mix of community, inspiration and kick-in-the-rear — is available now for just the price of a movie ticket.

2. Why should women – mainly mothers – be willing to set time aside from their families (husbands/kids/evening duties) to make this event?

Self care is so important — parents and particularly mothers can at times find themselves pouring so much into their spouses or kids that they don’t often make a priority of pouring into themselves. Rachel reminds the audience in the film about the importance of being intentional with showing up for yourself so that you can show up even better for the people in your life.

3. How do you hope the event will impact an everyday woman’s life?

In the shortest term, the hope is that women have a night of community, feeling encouraged with like-minded women who are looking for a bit of inspiration and a fun night out. Long term, the hope is that this gets them asking questions about what being “made for more” might look like in their life.

4. Should husbands or partners be encouraged to attend the event with their women counterparts? What takeaways will they gather from it?

Husbands and partners should definitely come along! As a toe-dip for what leaning into personal development might look like, it’s a good taste in a fun environment. And … you did go see that Avengers/Star Trek/Mission Impossible/Alien movie, and you still have fun since you were there together, right?

So, there you have it – mamas, grab a ticket in your local area and GO. Let’s face it … we were MADE FOR MORE.

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Brandi’ Starbuck is a recent transplant to the Columbia, SC area from Charlotte, NC where she met her husband, Bryan, and where they welcomed their first baby girl, Mackenzie. Now living in Blythewood, SC with a spirited, fun-loving 2-year-old (who looks exactly like her daddy, but acts just like mama) and expecting their second baby (a boy!) at the first of April, they are thrilled to call the Midlands home! Brandi’ juggles working full-time, outside the home, as a property manager of an apartment community in Northeast Columbia, keeping Mackenzie entertained, and occasionally enjoying a date night with her handsome hubby! Lover of shoes, social media resale shops, and all Pinterest recipe boards, she is excited (and terrified) to have two young children and can’t wait to share her journey with others in her writing. Along with their three small dogs that were their first “babies,” they are one small addition away from completing their family! You can expect to see the Starbuck family strolling along the Villages at Sandhill on the weekends, with a cliché and loved cup of Starbucks coffee in their hands, wearing matching tees purchased from a mom-owned Instagram shop.


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