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Ashlee White is a local mother, wife, and entrepreneur doing big things in the Midlands. She is the president of a new organization in Columbia, Life After Birth.
Life After Birth advocates for African American mothers in combatting postpartum depression, lowering mother/infant mortality rates, improving breastfeeding awareness and success, and having greater access to education and resources in our community.

Through her organization, Ashlee hopes to provide resources and a safe space for all mothers to connect and grow.

“We want to advocate and support moms that may be experiencing depression and anxiety during perinatal or postpartum. No one should suffer in silence. We would like a permanent solution for getting better care for African American mothers as well as advocate and bring forth more awareness.” 

What inspired you to create Life After Birth?

“My inspiration came at the very moment I found out I was expecting. I immediately felt a combination of excitement and anxiety. That feeling throughout my pregnancy made me feel like I can’t be the only woman to feel this way. I refused to suffer in silence. Due to my experience and having conversations with other mothers, I noticed a trend, which inspired me that much more to create a platform and a safe space to have the conversation without the taboo or judgment while opening the door to be educated.”


Life After Birth is hosting its first community event on April 10th at Seven Oaks Park. What can guests expect at this event?

“We will be discussing a variety of birthing stories from different mothers. We will be connecting mothers with other mothers who are either expecting or are planning for a child/children to help bring light to what you may expect or what to be aware of if experiencing mental changes and provide great tips. We will also discuss what we can do to build a better community and awareness for our African American mothers.”

What advice do you have for other mothers wanting to start a nonprofit?

“Truly believe in what you’re doing! When you create a nonprofit, it has to be from your heart and also wanting to build a better community. Remember that many might not understand what you’re advocating for. There are millions of people who will understand and need those services you want to provide. Build a good team, have a great mentor, and do plenty of research. Research is key to a great nonprofit.”
If you’d like to learn more about Life After Birth you can attend their event in April. You can also check them out on Facebook or on Instagram.
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