My “Side Hustle” and Why It’s Much More Than That


    I am that woman who fills your social media timeline with freebies and stories about my business. I know what most of you think, “Ugh, this is NOT why I logged in.” I understand, I used to be that person. Now, however, I am reformed. My “side hustle” is more than that term. It’s actually helped me find who I am.

    I was Lost

    I spent most of my life working. I started working before it was even legal to work. I love the idea that I get rewarded for my hard work. I was obsessed with getting up that corporate ladder. I lived the “I am woman, hear me roar” kind of life.

    Then, babies happened.

    My first little munchkin came at a time when I couldn’t financially take a hit and stay at home. I went back to work after only three weeks. The second little munchkin left me no choice. We had moved to the Midlands from Pennsylvania, meaning no family and no friends. I was no longer able to work, therefore no longer able to roar. I spent my days being screamed at, pooped on, thrown up on, made to cook three different meals, drowning in laundry and dust.

    My whole life had completely changed.

    As I sat back, knee deep in diapers, I watched my husband get promoted and praised. I got “I don’t want those hot dogs that I JUST asked for!!!!” I needed something before I lost my mind. I wanted so badly to be content with just raising my kids. I love staying at home with them, don’t get me wrong. I am just the type that can’t sit down, and need encouragement from an adult. I was literally starting to speak toddler. Anyone else at that point?

    Then I was Found

    I had a friend who had really taken off with the brand she was sharing. It was something that fit me to a tee. I went into this completely understanding the likelihood of  going on lavish vacations and getting free everything was minimal. None of that mattered. I needed to belong to something. I needed to work towards a goal. This is what I needed.

    I still have the opportunity to set a goal and work my butt off to reach it. I bring home minimal income, but hey it’s something, and I feel like I am contributing to my family. On top of it all, I can stop at a moments notice when my toddler is having a nuclear meltdown. My whole family is happy.

    While I expected these things, what I didn’t anticipate was the friendship. I now have friends in Columbia, but it did take a while. Some of the girls I met through this venture are in my same exact boat. They understood, and we bonded over this mutual feeling. We became a support group.

    The Disclaimer

    I am in no way shape or form trying to persuade anyone to get into this lifestyle. When I open my Facebook I see three types of women…

    First, there are those who relish in stay-at-home motherhood. It’s everything they could want and more. You are amazing. I wish I could be you.

    Second, I see women who are striving for something more, while taking care of their most precious gift at home. Hopefully they are finding themselves again, if they were lost like myself.

    The last type of women I see are the ones tearing down those trying to make something of themselves, making fun of those sharing their products and businesses, talking about how we have ruined Facebook and social media. I am sure you have your reasons. I hope you see the other side.

    I don’t care what you do, as long as it’s something that ignites your fire. Good for you if you found everything in being a stay-at-home mom. High-five if you are pursing a side hustle in addition to the important role of mother. We are all just trying to find ourselves in this crazy world. We are all women, and should all ROAR just for being awesome!!

    What are your feelings on what you see on social media?


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