Delicious Ways to Celebrate National S’mores Day


Delicious Ways to Celebrate National S'mores Day | Columbia SC Moms BlogI have not met very many people who don’t like s’mores. They are an American campfire staple made up of graham crackers, milk chocolate, and roasted marshmallows. When we go camping, I always make sure to pack all the ingredients. Sometimes I take the Keebler Fudge Striped cookies and put a roasted marshmallow in between two of those. It is less messy than the graham crackers and chocolate. With a toddler in tow less messy is always best for me! Everyone in my family loves them!

August 10th is National S’mores Day! Here are some delicious ways to celebrate.

Out and About Around Town

Duck Donuts in Columbia has a s’mores flavored doughnut. This summertime favorite includes chocolate icing, graham cracker topping, and marshmallow drizzle to top it off.

Dunkin’ Donuts has a s’mores flavored doughnut and s’mores syrup for lattes and flavored coffee. It’s delicious, if I do say so myself.

You can order a S’mores Frappuccino from Starbucks … and it’s absolutely amazing!

From the Grocery Store

Klondike makes a tasty s’mores flavored bar. Creamy marshmallow ice cream laden with sweet graham cracker swirls inside a delightfully breakable milk chocolate flavored shell. The unofficial Klondike Bar of camping, scary stories, and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. This bar will literally make you want to pitch a tent in the grocery store.

Who doesn’t love Ben & Jerry’s? They have s’mores too! Chocolate ice cream with fudge chunks, toasted marshmallow and graham cracker swirls. They loaded this flavor with all the stuff that makes s’mores so glorious, so you can kindle your cravings whenever, no campfires required. 

Can you believe there is a s’mores cereal? Kellogg’s Krave S’Mores cereal has a crispy graham flavored cereal outside with a smooth chocolate and marshmallowy filling inside. All the deliciousness without the mess.

At Home

Did you know you can make a s’mores dessert right inside your home (no campfire needed)? I made a delicious s’more treat in my oven a few weeks ago and it was gone in minutes! The best part of this recipe is that it only has a few ingredients and it is easy to make.

S’mores Dessert!

S’mores Dessert


  • Honey Maid Grahams (I used the s’mores squares)
  • 1 bag of Jet Puffed Marshmallows, cut crosswise in half
  • 4 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars


  • Heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Place the graham cracker in a single layer on the bottom of an 8 inch square pan; top with marshmallow halves. Top with a layer of chocolate. Cover with a layer of graham crackers.
  • Top with remaining marshmallow halves. Cut side down.
  • Bake 9-11 minutes or until the marshmallows are puffed and golden brown.

Happy National S’mores Day! How will you celebrate?


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