New Rule :: Everyone Takes Out the Trash


When working with college students, there is one rule I want to implement – everyone takes out the trash. It may sound silly or weird, but I am convinced that this could just change the world. 

I am not too off the wall with this because I worked at a hospital one time and in training we were told it was everyone’s responsibility to pick up trash when we saw it around. It was just not the janitors’ responsibility. Someone thought that surely the CEO would not do this, but sure enough, later on, he was spotted picking up trash in the hallway.

It is collective responsibility and pride.

Too many times I see the attitude that, “Oh, this is the janitor’s responsibility.” No. The janitor is responsible for routine cleaning. If you are purposely untidy and do not bother to clean up after yourself thinking that it is someone else’s job to come up behind you, then there is a serious problem of entitlement and poor citizenship of the world. 

I think people would care more about others littering if it was thought of as everybody’s problem.

No one is above picking up after his or her self. 

So, parents, before your daughter or son goes off to college, I implore you to teach her or him to clean up her or his own messes.

Everybody takes out the trash. 

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Born and raised in Mississippi but making Columbia her second home since 2008, Tabitha is a sociologist, doula, college instructor, and sorority house mom. She knows more details about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding than most people care to talk about and loves her three chihuahuas (Toto, Gumbo, and Shrimp). She is currently working on her dissertation for her Ph.D. and dreams about the day when she will be finished. Tabitha crafts but not that great, and if she used Pinterest more, she could probably be on a Pinterest fails page somewhere. She’s an avid reader but mostly reads things related  to her dissertation these days. As a house mom, she never knows how her day will go when she wakes up, but she mentors and guides over 200 women on a daily basis and loves accompanying them on the path to full adulthood. She volunteers often and tries to make the world a better place. 


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