No Need to Cancel Halloween, Make Boo Baskets!


Fall is officially here and I know a lot of us have started to think about what Halloween might look like in the middle of a pandemic. I know that some of you will decide to forgo trick-or-treating events like my family.

So, what’s a mom to do? 

In deciding how we wanted to celebrate with our three-year-old, I immediately started thinking of something like an Easter basket. That’s when I learned about Boo Baskets.

I had no idea Boo Baskets even existed, but I think they are a great idea for several reasons.

One, you can work with any budget you want, which is especially awesome if you’re making more than one basket. Two, they’re a great way to gift your kiddo some of their favorite items, especially those seasonal favorites. Lastly, this is a wonderful way to get creative and support your favorite online small shops or local spots. I got a super cute Halloween tub from Amazon, though any little trick-or-treating bucket would work, and filled it with some awesome goodies. 

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Here are the goodies I put in our Boo Basket:

Reusable Snack Bag: We use these for so many things! Snacks, headphones, small toys, traveling, art supplies, and more. I’m filling them up with our favorite treats for our Boo Basket. 

Treats: It’s Halloween, so I feel like treats are a necessity! Candy, cookies, gummies… all the good stuff! To prevent a total sugar crash though we’ll include some Halloween themed chips or crackers and maybe even a ghostly cheese stick or two. 

Dollar Spot Goodies: There’s still time to hit up your favorite local dollar spot and load up on little goodies! I grabbed all of ours from the Target Dollar Spot, and ended up with stickers and a couple of light-up toys. These are always the cheapest part of my baskets and often the biggest hit!

Halloween Themed Books: I’m a sucker for a themed book! Holidays, seasons, life events … I’m all in. So every year I buy AT LEAST one Halloween book (not going to lie, I’ve already bought two this year). I always try to include a bilingual book if I can, so this one was perfect! This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2787.jpg

Art Supplies: Check Michaels, Hobby Lobby, any Dollar Store, and the Dollar Spot at Target. They’ll have tons of perfectly themed crafts for all age groups. This will be a great way to keep kiddos busy in lieu of trick-or-treating. 

Halloween Themed PJ’s: If you haven’t gotten them yet, don’t panic! It’s not too late. Many stores still have them in stock and some of them are marked down. As much as I love themed books, I love themed (and matching) pajamas just as much! You’ll want the pajamas for the next part… 

Halloween Movie: Once the crafts are done it’s time to slip into your Halloween pajamas, grab your treats, and turn on a movie. All the major streaming services have quite a few options and there are even some great toddler safe Halloween movie options too. Snuggle up and close out the evening with some quiet and spooky family time. 

Here is the most important thing to remember.

Just like with everything else this year, Halloween will be different. Go ahead and prepare your heart for Thanksgiving and Christmas changes and challenges as well, but remember that this is temporary. Tears will be shed, by parents and children alike, but we will come out on the other side of this together.

However you decide to celebrate, stay safe and remember… you are doing the best you can.


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