Only in Our State! 3 Must-Visit Attractions in South Carolina


I recently found out about a website called Only In Your State. This site tells you all you need to know about places to visit in your specific state. 

Once you get on the website, all you have to do is find your state (or any other state you want to visit). Once you choose the state, it will give you a list of facts about it, as well as a guide to a variety of different places to visit within that state. 

After finding out about this website and seeing everything South Carolina has to offer, I am excited to use this fantastic resource as I plan trips for my family. The site lists different attractions, as well as historic places. It also has places you can dine, places they consider to be haunted, and even different parks with waterfalls you can visit. 

I plan on visiting all of these SC hot spots someday, but before the summer is over, there are three locations I am definitely visiting. 

1. Oconee State Park

There’s a waterfall at Oconee State Park on the Lee Falls trail. It has a beautiful double waterfall! It is said that the hike doesn’t require too much, as it would at other waterfalls that are in South Carolina. And being I’m not the type to hike, that’s definitely a plus for me, as well as my family. I would still have to find out if it’s accessible because I do have a son that is in a wheelchair

2. The Wild Flower Treehouse at Bolt Farm

Bolt Farm Treehouses are luxurious treehouse resorts like you’ve never seen before! The Wild Flower Treehouse specifically is a two-story treehouse that accommodates two people. There is an outdoor shower, a fire pit, a large circular bed, and a wall full of windows, giving you a breathtaking view of the 30 acres of land it sits on. My favorite part is that there is also an outdoor (porch) swing bed. I’ve got a thing for swing beds because it’s something my mom use to have when I was growing up. This place is perfect as a romantic getaway for two, a writing retreat, or just as a place to go to relax and clear your head. 

*NOTE: The Wild Flower Treehouse does require a full 30-day stay. But the Majestic Treehouse is available for much shorter stays! (There is a two-night minimum)

3. The African Kingdom of Oyotunji

Last but not least, there’s a place called The African Kingdom of Oyotunji. It can be found in lower South Carolina near Sheldon and Yemassee. This African village covers 27 acres of land and is estimated to have about nine families living in the village. It is based on the culture of an African kingdom found in Nigeria, and is open for tours and often hosts events. Definitely a place worth visiting!

This guide has so many fantastic places to visit in SC, especially with kids. If you are a working parent, why not take a day off, or perhaps pick a scheduled (holiday) day off, and use the guide to do something fun and different right in your own state! It can be fun and a great learning experience for everyone.

I’m sure there are things we as adults don’t know about our state. I know a lot of things on the site completely shocked me. Things I thought we would have to leave South Carolina to see. But it’s right here! I can’t wait to enjoy these adventures with my children.  

Which place would you like to visit?


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