Protecting My Child From Me


Protecting My Child From Me - Columbia SC Moms BlogAs I sit here typing this, my stomach is in knots. I know how the story ends, happily, thankfully, but I also know what the comments section is going to say. The comments section will be filled with perfect parents who have raised X number of wonderful children over the course of X years, and would never make a mistake, and definitely not a fatal one.

I wish I had that confidence. That belief that my prowess as a mother was enough to keep my daughter safe at every turn, but it’s not. And the one person who could hurt her the most is me.

If you know me personally, you know there is no one I adore as much as my child. She makes me laugh, brightens my days, and is generally the greatest. Even so, last week, I nearly left her in my car when going to work.

Even typing that makes me tear up with the fear and anguish of what might have been.

But before you get the pitchforks out, hear me. I am a good mom. On some days, I’m even a great mom. But I am often a distracted mom. And one day last week, on my way to work, my brain going full speed prioritizing tasks for the day, I forgot to drop off my daughter. I didn’t turn at Woodrow. I breezed right past it. As I went to merge into the turn lane to go to work, I looked in my rear-view mirror, and there she was.

My sweet, perfect, oddly silent child was there in the back seat. It makes me sick, physically ill, to think how this story could have ended. How long would it have taken, alone in a sweltering car, before… I can’t even finish that sentence. I am not one of those perfect parents. So I take precautions.

I have a mirror in the back seat, alarms on my phone, and caretakers who know to call or text if Eliza does not magically show up one morning.


But what if I didn’t?

That thought keeps me up at night. I feel compassion for my fellow imperfect parents who have tragically lost their children to accidents. It is so much easier to assure yourself that you’d never be so careless, distracted, hurried as to forget the one thing that means the most to you.

But I’m here to tell you – it’s possible. So please, I am begging you, take the precautions you may not need, and keep your child safe. What’s the harm?

Learn more about how to safeguard your child. And if you still don’t think it could happen to you, read this article.


  1. Where does one begin?? The Amanda I know has a heart as wide as the sky, your ability to love and care for others before you think about yourself is unmatched by many. You, my love, are an amazing mother everyday–even from allllll the way up here, I can tell you that. What I see in the pictures you post is a little girl that at looks at you like you’re her hero. Perhaps I’m projecting sentiments that don’t register on someone so young, but that’s what I see. The way you describe how she brightens up your day, I see that she feels the same way. You and E are BFFs. (No hateration here. lol!)

    As a non-parent, I see posts of parents making active decisions to go do X, they pack up the kids, go to said destination and then leave them in the car to enjoy their “alone time.” Admittedly, I go full Judgy McJudgerson and can’t even begin to foment a logical string of justifications as to why? Until now. I’m roommates with a wonderful family, a solid family. The two kiddos are their moon and sun and as EXHAUSTED as they are by the end of the day, they still talk about them with such adoration. But I see something else: Lists. Honey do lists. We have to get this done before X lists. I’m understanding how a mistake like this happens: reading letters from teacher, washing out lunchboxes, re-packing lunchboxes, “have I eaten”, “I wanna get out!!!”, *cue the baby crying*, *let’s the 2 YO out of the seat, cooks dinner, runs to store, starts bath, “where is _____?!…

    I’m torn between wanting this for myself and being SCARED TO DEATH!!! Do you know how many times I’ve forgotten trivial things and I’m my only responsibility??!!! Parents or should I say midnight nurse-chef-personal stylist-private driver-teacher people, I tip my hat to you. You wake up after 5 hours sleep, care for your wee ones, go to work and/or school, make sure you kiss your spouses, and with a smile.

    Your baby is safe, happy, healthy, and loved. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!


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