Richland Library Carry Out Art Kits :: Fun for the Whole Family!


I don’t know about you, but I’m sure missing the library right about now. 

I miss taking my kids, and letting them explore the children’s area while I pick out books. They always loved going through the stacks as well, and grabbing any books that caught their eye. My boys and I also miss all of the fun programs hosted by the library. It’s been so hard not to be able to go to the library in person anymore.

Richland library knows how much we miss them, and are doing their best to continue to put on programs for their patrons. They have virtual story time, stories over the phone, the read freely collections, and you can put books on hold for pickup at specific locations.

But did you know they’ve added one more children’s program to that list? And, it’s NOT virtual! This is hands-on fun! Carry out art kits!

Last week I ventured to the Richland Library Northeast location to pick up some books I had on hold for my boys. After the librarian gave me my books, she asked if I wanted art kits for my children. (She also asked if I was OK with paint. She must be a mom herself.) I said yes, and she gave me two different kits to try. 

When I got them home, my boys were very excited. They love arts and crafts, and also love library programs, so this was perfect!

Each kit has a specific theme/piece of art you can create. It comes with information about a specific type of painting (ours were Folk-Art and Abstract Pointalism), instructions on that same page, paint, a small canvas or plain white paper, paintbrush, and other items specific to the type of box you receive. For example, the Folk-Art box also came with some cloth, foil, string, pipe cleaners, glue, and a stick to apply the glue. 










Then, you just let your kids go at it! Your kids may choose to follow the directions and do the piece of art the kit was intended for. Or, they may choose to go off the beaten path and do their own thing, like my boys did. My boys most definitely did not follow the directions. But, they had fun, used their imaginations, and made their own amazing creations! 

As long as they’re having fun, that’s all that matters! 


So, head on over to a Richland Library location near you, and ask for your very own Carry Out Art Kit! 

Do you know of any other children’s programs at the library? Share with us!


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