Should I Wash My Hair?


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Y’all. The struggle is real. Should I wash my hair? Should YOU wash YOUR hair?

Do you remember back when you were a complete zombie, after your precious baby was born? You went days, weeks {maybe?!} without washing your beautiful locks. And somehow, you looked radiant. At least I did. Everyone told me I looked radiant. Maybe the gleam of oily hair follicles just wasn’t as bright as my new maternal glow? Or everyone was just staring at the baby. That’s probably more realistic. No one even saw me/you standing there. They only saw the baby.

Anyway, so weeks days would go by without washing the hair because, I mean, who cared anyway? You were up for however many hours in the middle of the night. You were basically a zombie in the day time, between feedings, changings, napping, laundry … the endless laundry. If you took a shower a day you were a rockstar. If you changed out of your pajamas or yoga pants, you got a gold star on the chart of mom-life.

But now. Now long after the baby is not even a baby anymore, we’re talking toddlerdom here, you wonder… “Should I wash my hair today?”

I have no idea. I can’t answer your specific question. All I can say is washing my hair is one of the more annoying things I have to do. It is labor-intensive. First, I have to get going at least five minutes earlier in the morning because it makes my shower-taking longer. Then I also have to factor in hair-drying time. But let’s face it, most days I wash, there’s no dryer making an appearance.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And if I do dry, my hair now has this funky wavish/kinkish thing going on that I need to straighten it to look remotely presentable. Or I can just put it in a bun, which is usually what happens when I wash my hair.

So on the day I should be washing my hair {I usually wash every other day}, I stare in the mirror. How greasy is it? I wonder…

Then I pull out my handy chart from my planner {I love it!!} and consider:


Don’t you love that the first question is “How much do you care?”  HAHA.

I hope you enjoy reading this over and considering…

Please note that the majority of the answers point to “NO.” So it’s safe to say that most days, it’s okay for you to not wash your hair.


Don’t tell your mom I told you not to wash it. {Wait, if I don’t know her, you can tell her I told you!} If your mom cares OR if you’re going to see her that day, by all means, girl. WASH.

Much love from one greasy-headed mom to another!



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