Siblings in Quarantine


We can all agree there is a lot of stress, emotions, and frustrations surrounding this COVID-19 virus and quarantine. The loss of jobs, distance learning, working from home while trying to parent small children; it all seems impossible at times.

However I have been feeling this daily joy when I look over and see my children playing together. They don’t have a choice really. They haven’t seen their classmates or friends in two months now.

This has caused them to lean on each other in times of boredom or sadness and something very beautiful is happening. They are becoming best friends.

From the moment they wake up, to way past their bedtime, they are inseparable. Sure, they still have the occasional fights over who gets to pick the game they play, or whose turn it is to be the “teacher” but for the most part they are thriving and learning from each other.

Kindness and patience haven’t always been their strong points, but every day I see these traits growing and blossoming between them. I see them problem solving when there is an issue before screaming “MOM,” something I am very grateful for. They have learned that if they work together they can solve a problem in half the time and feel proud of their accomplishment. These are life skills that will translate to success both at home and in the real world.

My kids are also getting more fresh air and exercise then they were before the quarantine.

They live to play together outside, whether it’s jumping on the trampoline, splashing in their splash pad, or just playing soccer in the backyard. They have endless energy and will definitely be ready for a kiddie triathlon at this rate. The girls are also becoming more intrigued by nature, and have asked to plant a vegetable garden. We bonded over planting our tiny seeds and can’t wait to see the fruits and vegetables of our labor this summer.

Most of all, I have learned that children are more resilient than we sometimes give them credit for.

I was so worried and emotionally distraught when they first canceled school. I went through the grief process and had to mourn all the learning and end of the year activities my daughter was missing out on. Over time I came to this place of peace and acceptance and started to see the beauty that was happening inside the walls of my own home. These beautiful moments and strong bonds built between siblings will carry through their life and be the shining light during otherwise dark times.

How are your children doing while in quarantine? What have you seen happening in your home?


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