Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas?


Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas? | Columbia SC Moms BlogI remember the days when the house phone would ring. My mom would answer it and spend the next several minutes pacing back and forth in the kitchen (that phone had the longest cord in the house) chatting with her close friend about all the latest gossip and news of the community. Nowadays, we click an app on our smartphones (completely portable and handheld) and scroll through posts of our friends to update us on their lives. What a different world, huh?

I have often wondered about the true opinion about social media. What do people really enjoy seeing? What do they “hide”? What makes them feel connected to one another beyond the thumbs up icon?

But the reason for this particular post was due to one of my friends’ videos that she posted on New Years Day. The title was “Find My Husband….Get $500 Reward!” Well, I knew this particular woman was single, so it wasn’t a cry for help in locating a missing man. Intrigued, I watched the video. Her purpose was to ask all of her friends to share the video in hopes that one day the man she was supposed to marry would see it and they would connect! What an interesting way to use social media, right? With over 35,000 views it seems I was not alone in my thoughts. 

With this in mind, I turned to my friends on social media and asked them what they enjoyed and what made them run the other way?  

1. Political Rants – RUN AWAY and HIDE

Surprise, surprise … no one wants to hear about your political opinions if they are extreme or offensive in any way. The general consensus is that when your mama told you to not discuss “politics or religion” in mixed company, she was right. But then again, most of us know “mama is always right.”  

2. Recipes and Helpful Tutorials – HURRAY! 

Men and women both said they generally like it when their loved ones share helpful tidbits about things that interest them. Who doesn’t like food? (My hand will never go up for that question.) So, if you are in the kitchen concocting some yumminess, go LIVE on your social media account and share it! Chances are you may get some viewers who haven’t seen you in awhile.  

3. Sales Post – RUN … FAR AWAY

No one likes the daily flood of “my life is so great now that I’m a millionaire and can work from home” posts. My friends were careful about stating that because I am in direct sales and am a work-from-home mommy, but I know the drill. I do occasionally post things about my business, but only when I am feeling truly grateful or want to give a shout out to the opportunity that I’ve been given. But, if my posts became ONLY that, I would probably never be followed again. No one likes a bragger. Or a really bad salesperson. 

4. Photos of Your Babies, Kids, and Trips – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 

In the days of everyone lives so far away from where they grew up, sometimes the only chance we get to see our loved ones is on our social media accounts. As one who loves to see the kids change and grow, I absolutely adore seeing cute videos and photos of families and activities people are experiencing. My friend population agreed. Keep posting the updates of when your son won his first baseball game or when your daughter took her first steps. USER BEWARE … no one wants to see photos of your child’s bodily fluids. EVER. Please. 


If you are having a bad day, you can express that on social media, but it doesn’t mean anyone else wants to hear about it. And if you are having a bad day, please verbalize what is going on. No one wants to see a vague request to hear an outpouring of sympathy when we have absolutely no clue what it is that is happening in your life. Also, if you are going through a break-up or life change, and every other month we see you subjecting yourself to the same toxic behavior, everyone will soon tire of it and unfollow you.  

Social media was founded on the belief that people wanted to meet and network with new and old friends. It has now become a marketplace for advertising, debates, and negativity. So before you hit “POST” consider spreading some sunshine and happiness for your loved ones to see. That is something that will always be “LIKED.”  

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Brandi’ Starbuck is a recent transplant to the Columbia, SC area from Charlotte, NC where she met her husband, Bryan, and where they welcomed their first baby girl, Mackenzie. Now living in Blythewood, SC with a spirited, fun-loving 2-year-old (who looks exactly like her daddy, but acts just like mama) and expecting their second baby (a boy!) at the first of April, they are thrilled to call the Midlands home! Brandi’ juggles working full-time, outside the home, as a property manager of an apartment community in Northeast Columbia, keeping Mackenzie entertained, and occasionally enjoying a date night with her handsome hubby! Lover of shoes, social media resale shops, and all Pinterest recipe boards, she is excited (and terrified) to have two young children and can’t wait to share her journey with others in her writing. Along with their three small dogs that were their first “babies,” they are one small addition away from completing their family! You can expect to see the Starbuck family strolling along the Villages at Sandhill on the weekends, with a cliché and loved cup of Starbucks coffee in their hands, wearing matching tees purchased from a mom-owned Instagram shop.


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