Special Valentine’s Day Pet Adoptions


If you’re considering adding a new pet to your home, you may want to think about adopting from Columbia Animal Services. You can’t put a price on unconditional love, but… 

This Valentine’s Day, in honor of celebrating love, they are offering the chance to bring home a new furry family member for just $14!

That is $14 adoptions on February 14…as well as February 13 and 15!

Let’s clear this shelter, Columbia!

Now, as a family, we have fostered, adopted, and bought from breeders. Most recently, we brought home a kitten from Columbia Animal Services and were impressed by their staff and facilities. The kitten we brought home was well socialized, litter trained, and healthy.

Here are some reasons to adopt from Columbia Animal Services:

  1. You can save a life. That’s reason enough right there!
  2. It only costs $14 and that includes all the vet care that usually runs around $250-$400. ALL Columbia Animal Services adoption fees include de-worming, spay or neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip!
  3. It is easy to find. Humane Lane is just off Atlas Road and there is a BIG sign with a cat on one side and dog on the other you can see coming from any direction.
  4. You can get to know the animals. The shelter has a huge cat playroom and a dog park outside where you are welcome to walk any dog, leashes provided. You are also allowed to bring your own pets to meet these if they are on a leash. This way, you can get to know the animals a bit.
  5. Finally, it’s fast! Adoptions are the same day, unlike many rescues; so you can show up, meet whoever you want, and bring them home fully vetted for less than a new pair of shoes. 

To learn more about the Columbia Animal Services, check out their Facebook page. You can also look on Petfinder to see some of the amazing animals waiting to be adopted.

If now is not the right time to adopt, consider donating to their free spay or neuter clinic, which greatly reduces the number of animals put down every year, or drop in and volunteer to play with the animals anytime! 

Have you adopted or fostered a pet from Columbia Animal Services? What was your experience?

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Paula Billingsley
Originally from Columbia, Paula has also lived in NC, Florida, Alaska, and the UK before returning, after her husband’s deployment, to start USC School of Law. After passing the bar, working with education nonprofits, and going back for her Masters in English, she’s set aside being an active attorney for now to focus on her health, writing, and raising her baby girl, Evy. Paula knows life does not usually go as expected, like being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and sometimes it goes better, like eloping or adopting her best book review buddy, Evy! She binges on good tv, good books, good chocolate, good tea, and good conversation. She’s also a fan of winning, whether at board games or yoga. At home, she enjoys making art, music, stories, and tasty food with her family including two wild puppies, Poppy and Petra. Out and about, she enjoys being involved in theatre and music, like at Town Theatre, enjoying the outdoors and wildlife, attending Windsor United Methodist Church, shopping, volunteering, and traveling on the cheap! She does not enjoy laundry, social injustice, environmental destruction, the patriarchy, coffee, soda, kale, or pants. She’s excited and thankful to pursue her calling and bring her child up in this kid friendly town.


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