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Exercising with baby takes some planning, but it can be done. Next up: finding workout buddies!

You’ve just bought one of those new fancy running strollers and a cute workout outfit. And you’ve packed snacks to keep the baby content on your park stroll. Ahhh … there’s nothing like losing that baby weight while jogging or walking with a great group of friends.

There’s just one problem: The store was fresh out of friends. Your bestie is laid up with a sprained ankle; your neighbor has seasonal allergies and refuses to exercise outdoors; and your cousin is more of a Zumba kind of girl. So where are you going to find your great group of ladies?

That’s the spot I was in when I committed to working out more. So I had to get a bit creative. Here are my top tips to help you find those perfect workout pals.

Ask to host an event within your moms group

Just because you don’t see “stroll across the Lake Murray Dam with kid in tow” on the calendar, that doesn’t mean that other moms aren’t interested in that. I guarantee that if you ask to host a stroller meetup, the leadership team will be more than happy to post it on the calendar.

Ask your local recreation center or YMCA

A few months ago I was at the Harbison Recreation Center, signing my son up for swimming lessons, when the lady at the front desk noticed my youngest in the stroller. She told me of a group of moms that meets every week to walk inside the gym with their kids. Had she not told me, I would have never even known, since it wasn’t something advertised or posted.

When the kids are at home with Daddy, you can fit in an extra lap around the park.

The Harbison center is designed for residents of the Harbison area, but nonresidents are welcome as well. Or check out the Irmo/Chapin Recreation Commission , Lexington County Recreation Commission, or Richland County Recreation Commission for more information on rec centers in your area.


Meetup is great for finding people who share your passion, whether it’s fitness, cooking, parenting or hundreds of other interests. Look under the Parents & Family category to find your area’s moms/kids groups. You might just find a Meetup geared to moms looking to walk with their littles in tow. Or look under Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, or Outdoors & Adventure — the possibilities are endless.

Check Facebook

You would be surprised how many groups get created on Facebook. And you can find workout buddies in groups that aren’t created with fitness in mind. From local school parent groups, farmers market co-ops, and re-sale groups, you may be able to find just the right group of people to take a Saturday walk with.

Check in your neighborhood

If your neighborhood has a clubhouse, check with the staff to see if there is a group of moms that walk together. Put an ad in the community newsletter; post on the neighborhood listserv; or put fliers around the neighborhood.

Create your own fitness group

That’s exactly what I did when I was looking for buddies to work out with. I created a Facebook group and added all of my friends from my friends list. Together we’ve set up fit events like walking the dam, and we share healthy meal ideas and encourage and support each other on our path to healthy and active living. You could also create your own group on specifically geared toward workout moms.

If all else fails, just get out there

You never know who you might meet by just taking a walk or jog at your local park or within your neighborhood. Keep an eye out for fellow moms, particularly those you see week after week. Plus, the fresh air and sunshine will do you and your little bundle good — and isn’t that why you’re out there in the first place?

Have you found the perfect workout buddy? Tell us how you did it, in the comments.

Photos, top to bottom: Ed Yourdon via Flickr ; San Diego Shooter via Flickr
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