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Target LOVE | Columbia SC Moms BlogPrior to becoming a mom, Target was just a store. It was a place to get random things I needed here and there. When I became a mom, Target became a place of solace full of wonderful things and surprises. I have literally come to love Target so much that I visit more than I wish to share (three times a week?). 

I’ll stop at Target on my way home from work if I have to grab a box of diapers. I’ll spend a Sunday afternoon getting everything from a pair of jeans for my toddler to floor cleaner. Probably my most favorite time is around 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night after I have put said toddler to bed. It is so quiet and I can take my time browsing and filling my cart with things that I seriously do not need but apparently cannot live without. I call this time, Target therapy.

Aside from the brick and mortar store that it is, there are so many reasons why I have grown to love Target since becoming a mom.


Oh yeah, you deserve it and it’s right there as soon as you walk in! Target gets us and knew that in a mom’s world, it’s always a good time for caffeine! Plus cup holders for your cart. So, go ahead, get that caramel macchiato!

Target Starbucks | Columbia SC Moms BlogThe Café

I am so guilty when I say this is my first stop upon entering Target. I know the popcorn is good, but I am all about those soft pretzels. Shopping at Target is great, but it is even better when you have a snack. Also, let’s not forget about the free fruit for kids 12 and under! Way to go Target, keeping kids occupied with food during mom’s Target run!

Target Cafe Pretzel | Columbia SC Moms Blog


Who doesn’t love to save money?! There are so many good deals on the Target Cartwheel app, it is amazing! And they have it organized so well, it makes saving even easier. I love to pair the Cartwheel deals with the Target gift card deals to save even more (and they always have specials on baby items!)

Bullseye’s Playground (aka the Dollar Spot)

Do I really need this coffee mug, these fuzzy socks, or this super cute Christmas vase? Probably not … but they’re so cheap! This magical land of deals gets me every time. Thank you Target, for knowing all of the things that I really don’t need but am so willing to pay $5 or less for!

Target Dollar Spot - Bullseye's Playground | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Cute and Affordable Knick-Knacks

Have you heard? Joanna and Chip Gaines released their new line at Target this month! Take all my money! Aside from all that comes with their new line Hearth & Hand, Target always has cute home décor items and the most adorable pillows, welcome mats, lamps, and everything else for your home you can imagine.

Target Hearth & Hand | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Beauty and Baby Boxes 

No subscription and you can see what you’re about to receive before you buy. I love these! For $7, you get a wonderful sample of baby products or beauty products. They are great for travel items or to try out a product before purchasing the larger size. It is so worth the investment! Just be sure to pick yours up earlier in the month as they often sell out.

Cat & Jack

Target recently released their kid’s clothing line Cat & Jack and I am absolutely in love! It is amazing quality at a super affordable price. The recent pair of toddler jeans I bought have an elastic waist that can go smaller or larger as your little one grows. They also make sensory-friendly clothing options and just released their adaptive apparel for children with disabilities. Well done Target!

Target Cat & Jack | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Clothes for Mom

Target just released several new clothing lines just for us! From pajamas, to working out, going to work, and chasing kids on the weekends, they have us covered in style! They also just released a new maternity line that is absolutely adorable and includes lots of different items (no baby bump for me for now, but I will be checking it out when I am due with number 2!).

Target Clothes | Columbia SC Moms Blog

$5 Bottles of Wine

Target’s exclusive wine, California Roots, has 5 blends to choose from: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Red Blend. They may be cheap in price but not taste! Go ahead, spend $25 and try all five!

Up & Up Diapers

I switched to the Target Up & Up diaper brand and have never looked back. They are wonderful quality for the price. We have yet to have a leak after using them for over a year. On top of the everyday low price, there is always a gift card deal or coupon to use on them.

Target Up & Up Diapers | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Their Breastfeeding Policy 

Target was one of the first places I took my newborn and one of the first places I breastfed in public. Needless to say, I was nervous the first few times I fed my son out in the open. The fact that Target has a breastfeeding policy is wonderful! We all know that moms can breastfeed wherever they choose to, but Target makes it known to employees. They let their employees know that moms can breastfeed anywhere in the store including fitting rooms (even if guests are waiting). They also tell employees to never offer a breastfeeding mom a restroom to feed their baby. It’s a small gesture but it means a lot!

So, there you have it, why I (and probably you) love Target so much. From snacks, coffee, wine, clothes, home decor, deals, makeup, and breastfeeding … Target just gets us! Now, excuse me while I go empty my bank account at the checkout.

What are your favorite Target finds?

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Ashley Byrd-White identifies as a Yankee-Carolinian who was born and raised in the tundra of Upstate, New York but currently calls the Midlands her home. She began her professional career in Buffalo, NY in higher education. She continues her dedication to education at USC working full-time as a Career Development Coach to college students. She currently holds a BA in psychology and an Ed.M. in higher education administration. Moving to Columbia, SC 4 years ago so her husband could pursue his teaching career was the most challenging time in her life … until motherhood! She has been together with her high school sweetheart husband, Chad, for 13 years (married for nearly 4). Ashley is a first-time mom as of February 2016 to Oliver. She loves being a mom, is proud of her continuing breastfeeding journey, and is thankful for her mama tribe. Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, drinking coffee and wine, pinning crafts she will never have time to create, and making her son laugh.


  1. I’m so happy to read about how much you love Target! I’m the store manager at the Garners Ferry store and I can see from the pictures that this is YOUR Target store too! I’ll definitely share this article with my team. Please let me know if I can do anything for you in the future!

    Ron McCoy

    • Ron,
      I am so glad you found this post! Yes, it is the Garners Ferry store! Thanks to you and your team for creating such a welcoming store! It means so much to us moms to have a fun, affordable, and enjoyable place to shop with or without our little ones. So, thank you again!

      One question out of curiosity, is your store going to create a specific area for nursing moms? I know some Targets have created such a space. I know moms are free to nurse anywhere in the store and in dressing rooms. The new nursing areas look so cool so I just wanted to ask!

      Thank you again! I can’t describe how much I (and so many other moms) love Target!



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