The BEST of Columbia Mom :: Top 10 Articles of 2020


To cap off 2020 and ring in the new year, we wanted to share our top 10 most-read articles from this year. They are stories of motherhood, daily life in the midst of a pandemic, real experiences, and making the most of this great city we live in during unprecedented times. We hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as we did.

10. 4 Neighborhood Activities to Organize (Social Distancing Style) in April

By: Carey Scofner

Love activities like “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” that get families outdoors and having fun (social distancing style)? Here’s four more similar ideas to try out during the month of April! 

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9. Returning to the School Classroom :: A Teacher’s Perspective

By: Valerie McGee

We interviewed a local teacher in Columbia. Here’s what she says teachers want parents to know about the upcoming school year.

8. I Can’t Even :: A Code to Decoding Teen Slang in 2020

By: Kelly Barbrey

I am here to help a sister out (am I dating myself yet)? This handy beginner’s guide to a few key slang terms will have you decoding your peeps (dang, did it again) in no time.

7. Stay-at-Home Summer Bucket List

By: Tasheena Ticer

As much as I’d love to venture out into the world, we’ve decided to make the most of our family time with a Stay-at-Home Summer Bucket List! My kids actually helped me create this list and are so excited to check every activity off. Despite the unusual circumstances we’re under, these ideas are fun, simple ways to create special memories together!

6. What I Learned From the SC Drive Through State Fair

By: Kristi Bothur

When I heard that the SC State Fair would be a “drive through” this year, I confess that I scoffed at the whole idea. My husband is ever the optimist and a great own for tradition. Besides, he reminded me, this is unprecedented, very likely (hopefully) the only time we will ever have a drive-through fair. How can we miss it when we have the opportunity? One our way home, I gave my husband a sheepish smile and thanked him for getting us to go to the fair this year. It was fun, after all, and actually taught me some important lessons.

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5. Am I Still Pro-Life?

By: Anonymous

I grew up supporting the pro-life movement, but after my work at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, I realized the abortion debate may not be as black and white as I always believed it to be.

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4. Day Trips From Columbia :: Eudora Farms Drive-Thru Safari Park

By: Marissa Evans

photo courtesy of Eudora Farms

Eudora Farms, located in Salley, SC, allows you to observe and feed exotic animals from around the world, all while seated in the comfort of your own vehicle! The drive-thru animal safari boasts over 200 exotic animals who will walk right up to your car to feed.

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3. The Seven Year Itch 

By: Anonymous

At night sometimes I sit in the silence and wonder how we got here. How we become the couple who barely talks over dinner. The couple who after putting the kids to bed goes their separate ways; one to play video games, and the other to write or watch mindless reality television. The kids are always the topic of conversation, and our love and devotion to them seems like one of the only commonalities we share these days; our time and focus is on them. I’d heard of the seven year itch in marriage, but I never thought it would happen to us.

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2. No One Warned Me About What Happens When Your Child Turns Nine…

By: Leah Shuler

Everyone tells you about the “terrible twos.” If you’re lucky, you’ll even get warned about “threenagers.” And we all know the teenage years can be challenging. But, no one warned me about nine. Who would have thought that a random year in the middle would prove challenging?

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1. The Great Backpack Debate :: Why I Support In-Person Learning As An Option This Fall

By: Kelly Barbrey

I didn’t want to write about this. I said I wouldn’t write about this. Too controversial. Too polarizing. Not my scene. I’m talking about my feelings on the upcoming school year, a topic which has ignited sparks, produced claws and churned out buckets of tears in otherwise sane and composed mamas everywhere. Getting the mail is what changed my mind…

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 Cheers to 2021!


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