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Palmetto ScoopersA few weeks ago I started a service I never thought I needed: pet waste management. Palmetto Scoopers has been coming to clean my backyard of pet waste and it’s been an amazing lifesaver in so many ways. Not only do I not have to do the “dirty work”, but my family has reclaimed our backyard for OUR time. My daughter can run around and play more freely. And we can enjoy our space without worrying about so many landmines, odors, and insects. I haven’t had to think about picking up my dogs’ poop for three weeks and I love it! 

Let me tell you a bit about the company.

Courtney Ceacal started Palmetto Scoopers in 2015 as he saw a need in the Columbia area. He’s an SC native, a personable and genuine guy who has a great business model. He has grown his business in the last seven years and covers a large area in Columbia. He’s not afraid to chat about the #2 your pet does and find a plan that’s good for you.

While they specialize in canine waste, there are options for other types of animals as well as litterboxes. They provide individual services as well as commercial services. His website is upfront about costs and has lots of options to fit your needs. 

Now, let me tell you about the service.

I was home for the first visit, so I could meet Courtney and let him know any additional details of my yard and pet. I currently only have one small dog but had just returned a foster dog who had some tummy issues, so my backyard was in need of cleanup.

Courtney let me know that they walk every inch of the yard each time they come, and Palmetto Scoopers sends a text just before and right after they clean up. They even send a picture of the gate they entered so you know it’s been closed.

They will schedule your weekly time when it’s convenient for you. That way if you have a pet who needs to be inside, it works with your schedule. For each visit after the initial service, you won’t need to be home, so it makes service with Palmetto Scoopers even more convenient!

I currently use Palmetto Scoopers once a week, but they offer one-time cleanups or multiple visits a week. They even offer pet waste stations! You clean up, but they dispose of it. You can choose the option that works best for you. There aren’t any contracts, so you can set it up monthly and start and stop as needed. 

Don’t have a dog? No problem! 

Want some help cleaning up after your cats? Palmetto Scoopers offers weekly litterbox cleanings as well! Have them visit your home and empty your litterbox of dirty litter, clean and sanitize the litterbox, dry it, and replace it with new litter. They’ll even text you before service so that if you aren’t home, you can leave the boxes outside for them to take care of when they arrive. This service is only $13.50 per visit per litterbox, and a great way to take care of your feline family members! 

Services with Palmetto Scoopers offer tons of great options for us busy moms who love our pets, but clean up enough messes every day as it is. We’d love to not worry about the pet waste! It would be a great baby shower gift for that pet lover that needs one less thing to worry about when the baby comes or a great gift to yourself!

Besides being a great service for busy moms, Palmetto Scoopers is a great asset to the community. Part of all sales are donated to local pet rescue shelters like Pawmetto Lifeline, Final Victory Rescue, City of Columbia Animal Shelter, and more! 

I’ve enjoyed not worrying about stepping in dog poop for the last three weeks, and if you would like clean shoes too, I’d suggest you give Palmetto Scoopers a call/text/email. You won’t regret it!

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