The Definitive Guide to Great Coffee in Columbia


I love coffee.

Like, I LOOOOOVE coffee.

One might even say I have a “problem” with coffee. (I’m a writer. What other legal fuel is there at 9 a.m.??)

The Mom's Definitive Guide to Great Coffee in Columbia

A great cuppa joe is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and Columbia has A TRUCKLOAD of fabulous independent coffee shops, (including some brand-new ones you may not have tried yet!), that will be delighted to help you get your fix. Here are my local favorites, selected from years of exhaustive research. You’re welcome:

NEW Coffee Hot-Spots:


Devine Street

The brand-new Blum on Devine Street is fast becoming one of my favorite coffee stops. Firs of all, the decor is STUNNING. Everything about the carefully curated space invites you to settle in with your laptop or a good book for a peaceful extended stay. The beverages are unique and they even offer a few items you can’t find anywhere else around town, like their botanical coffee-sodas. If you haven’t been yet, make it a point to check it out ASAP!

Bonuses: gorgeous space to work or sip. Free parking!

Favorite beverage: a latte with honey-ginger syrup.

Piecewise Coffee Company


Piecewise Coffee Company is bringing great coffee to State Street and I am here for it. They are still in their soft-opening phase with reduced hours, but they will be open with their full schedule starting in August. The space is great, the coffee is delish, and it’s exactly what Cayce was needing.

Bonuses: pastries from SmallSUGAR, free parking.

Favorite beverage: their dirty chai is out. of. this. world.


Gervais Street

As a person who spends most of her working life at local coffee shops, SmallSUGAR is where I end up more days than not. (In fact, I’m sitting here right now.) Why? The coffee is delish, obvi, but the FOOD is what really keeps me coming back over and over again. Owner and Chef Sarah Simmons is making some of the best cuisine in Columbia and serving it for breakfast and lunch every single day and I frankly can’t get enough of it. Get yourself over there if you know what’s good for ya.


Favorite beverage: the chrysanthemum latte is a magical wonderland and something I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Old Favorites:


5 Points and Main Street

Drip is magical. Every cup of coffee is individually hand-crafted just for you, and the signature drinks are unlike anything else in town. Plus, the baristas are all super sweet and make it a point to know your name and favorite order.

Bonuses: indoor AND outdoor seating, great breakfast and lunch menu.

Favorite beverage: the honey habanero latte. Spicy, sweet, and so unique!

The Mom's Definitive Guide to Great Coffee in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Curiosity Coffee Bar

North Main

Greg and Sandra are the sweet owners of Curiosity, and they are passionate about the fine art of coffee like few people I’ve ever met. Go with a friend and order an expertly-brewed Chemex to share for just a few bucks.

Bonuses: YUMMY baked goods, pet-friendly indoor space, and food-truck dinners on Mondays!

Favorite beverage: the coffee flight (pictured) lets you compare and contrast four different brews. Also, IMO, their lavender latte is the best in town.

The Mom's Definitive Guide to Great Coffee in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Indah Coffee

Cottontown and Main Street (inside the Arcade Building)


Indah not only brews amazing coffee, but they roast their own beans in-house. The setting is a hipster paradise (can we say Edison bulbs and exposed beams galore?), and a perfect place for a coffee date or to sit a spell and get some work done.

Bonuses: they serve beer too!

Favorite beverage: the flat white.

Loveland Coffee


Loveland is perfect for the mom on the go (or the mom with several kids in the backseat) who could really benefit from excellent coffee through a drive-thru. Don’t let the tiny kiosk fool you: Loveland is roasting and brewing up some of the best, most interesting coffee in town.

Bonuses: SO convenient.

Favorite beverage: the Latte Con Miel, featuring local honey and lots of cinnamon.

The Mom's Definitive Guide to Great Coffee in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Grace Coffee Co.


Look for the adorable little turquoise airstream on Wilson Blvd. and you’ll have found Grace Coffee Co.! They use freshly-roasted Loveland Coffee beans and always have something fresh and new to offer.

Bonuses: new location right off the Wilson Blvd exit of 77!

Favorite beverage: the pumpkin pie latte. It’s next-level. (And they’ll make it for you all year long.)

The Mom's Definitive Guide to Great Coffee in Columbia | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Local Buzz

Going to The Local Buzz is like coming home to visit your mama or a favorite aunt. Owner Stephanie makes every guest feel right at home, as if you’re visiting her in her own kitchen. Everything here is hyper-local: the coffee, the pastries, the ice cream, and more is all sourced from delicious local vendors and makers. Inside you’ll find a Little Free Library, board games, and a play area (!!!) for your littles. It’s the perfect spot for the working mama who needs a few minutes with her laptop and a cup of coffee while her little one plays just steps away!
Bonuses: the adorable, well-stocked play area!
Favorite beverage: a classic cup of freshly roasted Turtle Creek coffee

What’s your favorite spot for coffee in Columbia? 



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