The Magic of Christmas

Do your children believe in Santa? Whether you tell your kids there is a Santa or not, I think that there is something special in this season that makes us love a little harder. That’s what I call the Magic of Christmas.


Do your children believe in Santa? I never told my daughter that Santa existed. What she knows, she learned from cartoons and other people. I never had a reason not to tell her that he exists. I just didn’t.

Is not believing in Santa a good thing or a bad thing? I can’t tell either way.

My daughter believes in the Magic of Christmas. She knows that someone who loves her buys her presents that magically appear fully assembled on Christmas morning. She knows that whoever this person is, they love chocolate chip cookies and hot tea – not milk.

She knows that in our home, Christmas Day is one of the biggest displays of love and that it’s her favorite holiday (next to her birthday). She keeps this never-ending list of extravagant gifts going all year. If she doesn’t receive a wanted item, it rolls over to her birthday wish list.

What’s the downside to this? We rarely get invited to Christmas parties with young children. No one wants to risk my daughter spoiling Santa for their children. I get it. There was that one time she told the entire kindergarten class that she knows her mommy is Santa and that their parents are Santa too.

We talked about it afterward and I told her she is not allowed to tell anyone Santa isn’t real. I also told her there is a nice and a naughty list, so she should act accordingly. Telling other kids there is no Santa will surely get you on the naughty list. We have also had this talk about the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Santa or not, Christmas is magic!
We are filled with the holiday spirit!

We have kept our family traditions that make our “magic.” We still leave cookies out, we still watch holiday movies, we still open Christmas Eve matching pajamas, and she is still overjoyed on Christmas morning when new things appear for her. She could really care less where they came from. She’s just happy to receive them.

Our primary responsibility is to do what works best for our families. Not introducing Santa worked for us. Whether your children believe in Santa or not, I think that there is something special in this season that makes us love a little harder, drink a little more cocoa, and snuggle a little closer to our children.

That’s what I call the Magic of Christmas.

I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!


  1. I Love you and Trinity sooooo much! You are an awesome Mommy, person, friend, cook, writer, etc. This is wonderful, Merry Christmas to you and Trin as well as your family! Kisses 😘


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